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  • MCE Now Supports IXEG B737


    Multi Crew Experience, voice based crew simulation for X-Plane, now fully supports IXEG B737. MCE provides a very engaging, full interactivity with a virtual co-pilot. There is no scripted scenario.

    Choose from 9 different co-pilot recorded voice packs. It’s also possible to talk to Native X-Plane ATC as well as Radar Contact ATC and PF3 ATC (requires a separate plugin for the last two).

    What’s more, everyone can have a go at the Demo. It already supports many other complex aircraft, including…

    FF 767, FF 757, FF 777
    JAR Design A320, A330
    FJS 737, FJS Q400, FJS 727 (with a simulated flight engineer)
    RWD A330
    SSG B747, SSG EMB 170, SSG EMB 190
    JRollon CRJ 200
    EADT B737
    Peter Hagger A320
    All default X-Plane aircraft

    Download your evaluation copy or visit the Multi Crew Experience Homepage .

    Enjoy the thrill of voice control and start calling the shots.

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