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    Milviz P-38 Lightning Released


    Milviz are very excited to present the sleek yet powerful P-38 Lightning the 'L' model,faithfully simulating every last detail; from the suggestive rumble of it's twin 1,475 hp engines, to it's deadly "Christmas tree" launch racks on each wing, each laden with five high velocity rockets.

    An extremely accurate virtual cockpit rounds out the package, with highly detailed textures throughout and richly featured functionality.

    The P-38, as with many warbirds, was a very powerful machine. It's impressive rate of climb and very fast top speed were the result of giving the aircraft enough power to haul an extensive weapon load, and giving it the endurance to travel long distances. With that vast amount of horsepower however, limits to the design were soon realized. One of the most serious problems that plagued the P-38 was that of aerodynamic compressibility. Essentially, during very high-speed flight and especially during dives, the aircraft's tail would begin to shake violently and the nose would tuck under, steepening the dive.

    Once caught in this dive, the fighter would enter a high-speed compressibility stall and the controls would lock up, leaving the pilot no option but to bail out (if possible) or remain with the aircraft until it got down to denser air, where he might have a chance to pull out. It was finally determined, after much trial and error, that installing dive flaps on the P-38 was the ultimate solution.

    Bernt Stolle created the expertly refined flight model. Not only will you be able to fly it 'by the book', you'll be able to recreate many of the same issues that real P-38 pilots faced, including that of high-speed compressibility. This P38 model displays behaviour consistent with the actual aircraft; you'll need dive flaps when entering a dive, or you'll need to employ the same techniques as recommended when in a compressibility stall.
    Indeed, you'll have to be very mindful when flying the P-38 at it's upper limits!

    Included in the package are 21 high resolution liveries, created with extreme attention to both detail and quality. Each livery is representative of P-38 which has seen service, and where available Milviz included the pilot and deployment notes. After all, the P-38 is not only a significant part of aviation past, but also plays a very important part in the history of WWII as well.
    TacPack Edition Available

    For the first time, Milviz are very excited to offer versions of the P-38L that includes TacPack integration for both FSX Acceleration and Prepar3D 2.5.

    Special Features:

    Professional flight dynamics by Bernt Stolle

    Realistic startup and shutdown procedures

    Fully modelled systems, complete with failures

    Fully animated armament and fuel tank jettison

    Selectable loadout options, affecting flight dynamics and performance

    Realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects

    21 High quality, high definition liveries

    High quality sound set recorded from a real P-38

    Custom 3D gauge modelling for smooth operation

    High quality virtual cockpit and external model

    Authentic Pilot Operating Handbook

    Operating instructions for all systems included

    Visit the P38 Product Page for further information.

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