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    NORAD's Santa Tracker


    Colorado Springs, Colorado has been the focal point of NORAD's mission to track the flight of the world’s fastest civil transport aircraft for another year. Since 1955 military personnel have invested countless hours refining their systems and communication network, it’s now capable of providing up to the minute information promoting a global effort to ensure the protocols of the distribution clause are respected, IE all recipients are in bed, with eyes closed.


    Now each year NORAD's Santa tracking center answeres over 94,000 calls and responds to 10,000 e-mails and some 10.6 million visitors go to their WEB SITE .

    NORAD's holiday tradition began when a Colorado Springs newspaper misprinted a Sears, Roebuck & Co. ad giving children a phone number to call to Santa. The number was one digit off, and the first child to get through reached Col. Harry W. Shoup of the Continental Air Defence Command, NORAD's predecessor.


    Shoup now 91, was surprised to hear a little voice on the other end who thought he was Santa, a quick thinker he sounded a booming "Ho, ho, ho!" and pretended to be Santa Claus. Enough calls followed that Shoup assigned an officer to answer them while the problem was fixed, but Shoup and the staff he was directing to "locate" Santa on radar ended up embracing the idea and NORAD continued the tradition when it was formed 50 years ago.


    The task began with no computers and used a 60-by-80-foot glass map of North America has grown by the Web site's 1997 launch to include two big screens on a wall showing the world and information on each country Santa Claus visits.


    Now Google provides tracking with a two-dimensional map or in 3D using Google Earth where he can be seen flying through different landscapes, as well cellphone users can now log on to have precise location data anywhere.


    On Behalf Of Avsim Our Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.

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