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    Official Groundroll Enhancement Thread...

    steve inwood

    AVSIM Member Steve Inwood just posted the following in the PMDG NGX Forum. We thought we would put this up as a news item as it is a file set that some think provides an enhancement to the baseline NGX 737. AS Steve points out, BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE you use these! You can find the discussion topic on this add-on here.


    File Download: http://www.mediafire...hf563tl6bwmbedk

    To install these you will have to copy the contents out of the folder provided making sure you back up any originals first.. the PMDG737NGX_GRND goes in this following path... Microsoft Flight Simulator X / simobjects / airplanes / now which ever you have PMDG 737-700NGX and or PMDG 737-800NGX it has to be placed in the souund folder of these two types...


    To install the other file you must place the PMDG_737_NoseGearGroundroll into this following path... Microsoft Flight Simulator X / sound/ PMDG/ 737NGX / VARIOUS.. please back up your originals first guys.

    If you are using AES then it is advised to disable the two sound files in the AES sound folder like this..

    ** AES USERS JUST RENAME THE AES_RWLamp & AES_RWLamp_altn TO SOMETHING LIKE .ORG this will stop them from playing at scenery that supports AES. These can me located in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X / Aerosoft / AES / Sound folder / near the bottom i think...

    Regards Steve.


    P.S. these are very simular to the previous versions but i have made a few adjustments such as made then alittle lower on vol and changed pitch etc...

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