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    Online Virtual Pilots Association Broadcast


    The Online Virtual Pilots Association (OVPA) will host a one hour video broadcast on November 14th at 1900 GMT and will include the special announcement concerning the release of the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Professional.


    The hosts will be Dave Hodges, OVPA founder, 30 year flight simulation veteran and director of the OVPA Beta Team. The Co-Host is Collin Biedenkapp of TFDi Design with guests Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft and Oleksiy Frovlov of Majestic Software.


    The broadcast will feature three individual audio/video streams which can be viewed at the same time on the OVPA Website. The first stream will include webcams of the Guest Panel and hosts.


    Viewers are encouraged to ask questions via text message on the stream page and if their question is selected for use on the broadcast they will be entered into the drawing for free software .


    Official rules for the drawing are provided on the OVPA Website .


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