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    Pacific Squadron WWII

    Tom Allensworth

    We are doing something a bit different... We are opening a Forum far in advance of a product being made available. In August of 2012, Damage Inc. expects to launch the X-Box version of its latest title, . Pacific Squadron WWII . The PC version is slotted to follow after. We've opened this forum for discussion of this Combat Flight Simulator in advance in order to provide our community with a home for that sim. We hope you put this forum to use and please spread the word!


    Ray Marshall, Avsim Contributing Reviewer was in contact with the developer and created the overview submitted below.



    Here are just two of the planes that will be included:





    The Pacific Squadron WWII starts with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ends on Iwo Jima in early 1945. The promotional screenshots of the historically accurate locations are visually striking. The flight of B-17 bombers that was inbound to Hawaii that fateful Sunday morning is part of the opening battle.


    Using 32 accurately represented World War II aircraft from the Pacific theater and 23 missions in 11 major campaigns the historical battles are reenacted in both single and multi player. This will include all the challenges the actual pilots faced –dog fighting, torpedo and dive bombing, carrier takeoffs and landings – in a mix of intense air-to-air, air-to-ship and air-to-ground combat.


    All planes can be viewed in cockpit, HUD or outside view. The 32 different aircraft are presented in 68 versions. As the models improved during the war, they also get upgraded in the game.


    It appears we will be able to take off from the flat tops in B-25 Billy Mitchells and P-61 Black Widows along with the bevy of fighters and dive bombers. Every WWII aircraft that I have ever heard of is represented in the 100+ mission objectives.


    Mad Catz will introduce a new controller for this game modeled after actual sticks from the 1940s using vintage inspired toggle switches, buttons, and triggers but modernized with their trademark 3 modes and ST programming. The new Pacific AV8R FlightStick will come in 3 versions -PC, PS3 and Xbox360and have an integrated throttle with POV.


    Shipment date is set for August 28, 2012. Trailers can be viewed at the Pacific Squadron WWII Homepage or www.facebook.com/DamageIncTheGame FaceBook Page .


    The Facebook link will have some promotions including a free trip to Oshkosh in June, 2012 and a ride in a vintage T-6 trainer at the air show. Just click on ‘I like’.


    An in depth review of the pc download edition is planned nearer the shipment date.

    Submitted by Ray Marshall, Avsim Contributing Reviewer

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