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  • Paul J Appointed Guru-in-Chief of Hardware Forums


    IT "Hardware Guru-in-Chief"

    to head revitalized Avsim Hardware Department



    His name is Paul Johnson, or Paul J for short or PJ and he is the new AVSIM Hardware and Operating Systems Discussions Forum Manager, including:


    -Win8 OS Forum

    -The Win7 OS Forum

    -MOBO, RAM, CPU's & Other Hardware

    -Monitors, Video Cards and Drivers

    -Hardware Controllers & Drivers

    -WIFI, Routers, Ethernet, I/O Boards, etc


    Paul has had a remarkably distinguished career in the Information Technology industry. He has been part of crucial planning and implementation stages of some of the more important and constantly evolving platforms and operating systems that have come our way. I don't think anyone in our forums management history has been as qualified and as experienced in hardware and software matters as Paul. We look forward to ever increasing levels of success of the Hardware Section under his leadership.


    New AVSIM Hardware Guru-in-Chief, is being hailed as "just" what the Industry and our hobby needs, "just" when it needs it!


    The happy fact is that his knowledge and ability is wrapped up in one of the most humble, unselfishly willing and helpful individuals in the hobby. This man really knows his stuff, and equally important, he knows people and how to lead and show them how to help each other.


    Please join me, the AVSIM board of Directors, the Executives, Administrators, Moderators and staff in giving an enthusiastic welcome to Paul to this most important volunteer responsibility and wish him outstanding success in every way.


    Kind Regards,


    Spiritflyer (Stephen)

    Manager of the AVSIM Forums



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