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  • Please Stop, Step Back and Think (retitled).

    robert young

    Sometimes flight simmers can be quite ruthless - and somewhat fickle. On a Tuesday addon X is the best thing ever invented, but by Friday morning X is dead and Z is borne, etc etc. This has been going on for years on this and many other forums. But the truth is that any addon of high quality doesn't suddenly become "nothing" overnight. The quality is still there. It is the nature of FSX addons that there is constant leap-frogging going on, but very rarely is anything so revolutionary that it obliterates everything preceding it.


    I wish folks would take a step back and let a little time pass before piling in with statements that such and such product is dead, sometimes only weeks after claiming it was the best addon of its type. No new product is perfect, but many go through a "honeymoon" period where often excessive enthusiasm and then tribalism kick in, followed by a certain nitpicking as a result of small disappointments that things are not as perfect as first thought, followed by exaggerated criticism and before we know it what was "brilliant" last month becomes "deeply flawed" the next.This black and white thinking is getting a habit here. Most hardworking developers are constantly trying to find ways of improving, innovating and keeping up with available technology. That's fair competition. But this is not Ancient Rome (or perhaps it is!).


    I've had a run in or two with JV but kudos to him for his achievements with FTX. Kudos is also due to Nick who has worked quite hard and been generous with his time in helping many simmers to get their systems in a better state. Both of these people have contributed vastly to the pleasure that many have experienced as a result of their respective contributions.


    Both products are excellent, and will still be excellent when the next innovation appears from elsewhere.

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