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  • PMDG Posts News on B777 Updates


    Rob Randazzo of PMDG, posted this message earlier today regarding the forthcoming SP1 update to the B-777.



    This one will be very brief, because I don't have much *new* information for you.  Some folks seem to like it even if I repeat the old information- so here is your quickie update for today!


    We currently feel that we are approximately 2 weeks away from beginning the final test phase for the pending SP1 update to the PMDG 777-200LR/F.  This will be a HUGE update in terms of adding new functionality, updating/fixing errors in the initial release version, improving the overall product performance a bit and generally cleaning up some of the details that needed cleaning after the initial release.


    I am not quite ready to publish our inclusion list just yet, but I may do so once we are in testing just so you have an idea what you will see with the update.


    We have also added a bunch of functionality to the Operations Center, and this will get updated at the same time we release the SP1 update.


    It is currently planned that the 300ER will release concurrently with the SP1 update, which will bring you an even more flexible 777 platform than you currently have.


    Some folks have wondered why we are holding the update as long as we have, rather than kicking out micro-updates.  While we have seen some fantastical conspiracy theories- the truth is that we just haven't finished perfecting the mind control portion of the SP1 update.  As of the last test it still appears that the "bark like a dog while simming" bug was still present- and we do want to get that removed prior to release.  :ph34r:


    In all seriousness- we are holding the SP1 update, the 300ER, the OC update and the 777 SDK until all of them are ready for your use because they are so tightly intertwined it just makes testing simpler and cleaner if we hold all of them until they are stable and ready.  This will minimize any hiccups and hopefully prevent us from breaking something that is already working well in the interest of trying to fix something without adequate testing...


    On that front, however I do have some good news!  We anticipate that we will begin pushing micro-updates via the Operations Center in the near future- and then it would be a simple process for us to push out even minor updates or tweaks with minimal fuss on your, or our end of the process.  More details on this at a later date!


    I know this is a 777 update- but I also want to confirm that the 744v2.0 is coming along marvelously as well- with about half the team currently at work pushing this product toward completion.


    Okay- that is about all I have for tonight- if anyone knows where I put my reading glasses, please shout.  These electrical diagrams are making me blind...

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