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  • QualityWings to prioritise 787 and 757


    QualityWings will delay beta testing of their Ultimate 146 for P3Dv4 until 64-bit versions of their Ultimate 757 and 787 have been released, the company have said.


    In a statement on their Facebook page, QualityWings said beta testing of the 146 would not take place until after the Ultimate 757 and 787 have been released for P3Dv4.

    The company does say, however, that all work to make the 146 compatible with the latest version of Lockheed Martin's sim platform has been completed and internal testing is still under way.

    In the same announcement it was revealed that release of the the P3Dv4 version of the Ultimate 787 is expected to be simultaneous with SP1 for the FSX product.

    Both products will have broadly the same status but v4 users will benefit from additional features including TrueGlass rain effects, high resolution displays and airport map taxiway and gate highlighting on the ND.

    The Ultimate 757, meanwhile, remains in beta testing for P3Dv4 and is set for release after the 787.

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