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    SAM (surface-to-air missile) simulator


    Surface to air missiles are every army pilots nightmare. We spent houres dodging them in various combat flight simulators, now we have a chance to see things from the other end of the scope. SAM simulator is a freeware program developed by a Hungarian developer (ex SAM operator). It features 5 SAM systems: S-75M3 "Volhov" (SA-2E "Guideline"), S-125M1 "Neva" (SA-3B "Goa"), 2K11M1 "Krug" (SA-4B "Ganef"), S-200VE "Vega-E," (SA-5 "Gammon") and SA-75M "Dvina"

    (SA-2F "Guideline"). (First designation is original Soviet and western ones are in brackets). The simulator is strictly procedural, so you won't see any 3d planes or missiles flying away, but the control panels for every system are 100% realisticly simulated. Simulation includes practise ranges and several historical situations (the downing of U2 over Moscow 1960, 1970 Cairo, 1972 Hanoi, 1986 Lybia, 1999 Belgrade etc.). Several rockets for each system are simulated including some with nuclear warheads. You recieve a detailed after mission report and have the ability to export it to Google Earth for 3d representation of the action. The simulator, multiple language manuals and video tutorials can be found from the SAM (Surface to Air Missile System) Simulator Homepage .

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