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    SCAM ALERT - Genuine Simulation's A380 - Again

    Tom Allensworth

    Genuine Simulations is at it again. They have posted a "sales" notice regarding "their" A380. This is not just a scam, it is total fraud by a group of Iranians. If you purchase this product you are taken to a fraudulant PayPal page and if you are using Norton's Internet Security System, it will report back as being unsafe and not PayPal. The "Sale" is for 89.99 Euros which is reduced from 339.00 Euros and is explained by them; "Due to prevent pirate of our product we release the A380 Professional limited sales. For this reason the A380 Professional will release only within 48 Hour (ends 3PM friday 28 february) and after this date price will €339.99." Folks, please hit every flight sim site that you know of and spread the word on this scam. Community members who fall for it will be giving their credit card detail, PayPal detail and who knows what else for a pirated, incomplete product.


    View attachment: ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 26 11.32.jpg

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