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    SCAM ALERT - Genuine Simulation's A380

    Tom Allensworth

    All flight simulation enthusiasts should be aware that there is a significant attempt to scam you out of your hard earned income. This is the "Genuine Simulation's" Airbus 380 that they are attempting to sell. This product, if there is one, is a knock off of an incomplete product actually being done by Next Level Simulations (NLS). You can view the attempted scam at Genuine Simulation's web site here. We can assure you that this is a scam from one simple fact. The awards listed on that page from AVSIM are entirely bogus. We have never heard of this group until recently, and certainly have never given them an award for anything, let alone the Bravo Zulu award that is only awarded once a year, and which has not been awarded yet this year. We are pretty well convinced that  there is no real product, but that this group is simply harvesting your credit card information. Protect yourself; do not provide these people any information at all. Efforts are underway to shut the site down, so if the link above does not work after a day or two, you will know that those efforts were successful.

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