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    Steve "Bear" Cartwright Who's on First ?


    Recently, during an across America camping tour, Steve "Bear" Cartwright had the opportunity to visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.


    While there, he gave the National Memorial director (a part of the National Park System), Darrell Collins, a book form of the story Who's on First ", which has only been published on the internet here at AVSIM.

    Apparently the park service is still doing battle with the State of Connecticut over the issue of who was first and Steve's book and the posting of the same material here at AVSIM has now come to their attention (the National Park Service).

    Steve was completely dumbfounded when he was not only presented with a signed poster (with the caption of "Happy Flying" Wright Brothers National Memorial Thank you for Perserving the Legacy of Flight, [signed] Darrell Collins Historian", but was also given the opportunity to handle the controls of the custom built precision replica, actually used during the 100th anniversery of Orville's flight on December 17, 1903.


    In addition to "Who's On First?", Steve also gave the Memorial director/historian (Darrell Collins) a copy of my book "From The Ground Up" (where all the source material for "Who's On First?" was taken). Steve sent a copy of "From The Ground Up" to Tom back a couple of years ago and he really liked it. Steve's book "From The Ground Up" was the result of a 10 year long research project into the the history of "all" the early pioneers of flight.

    Steve "Bear" Cartwright's Who's on First is available in Avsim's Forum ,  .

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