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    Temporary AVSIM Service Outage


    AVSIM forum and library services were affected this morning by a temporary service outage resulting from a slight hiccup with the server operating system.  The site was unavailable for approximately 3 hrs.  The issue was rectified and the site is now functional.


    As we are finishing up our server infrastructure upgrades and system updates in the coming weeks, we will continue to keep a close eye on how the services are running.  If we expect any outages, it will be posted prominently on the AVSIM.com website.


    Alternatively, to stay up to date on any future outages, please visit our Facebook Page.  We will post updates there if we are unable to communicate through the website.


    AVSIM is staffed completely by volunteers.  Our IT volunteer has been spending many of his personal days off at the Ashburn, VA datacenter where AVSIM's servers are caged. As always, we appreciate your support and understanding as we work to make AVSIM's free services better.  


    To join the discussion regarding this article, please visit the forum thread here.

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