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    The Passing Of Michael Greenblatt FS-GS


    Michael Greenblatt of Flight Simulator Graphics Solutions FS-GS, a longtime member of the community has died following his battle with Lung Cancer. Michael spent years perfecting hardware/software interactions in pursuit of the highest possible performance out of a clients setup one computer at a time. `


    A long time member of Avsims Forums as ramsa329 his contributions were authoritative and capable of leaving an impression, having a conversation with him in a chat room could be an experience as well, he was direct but was reputed to have the driest sense of humor in the game and left none indifferent, his passage left a trail of laughs, outstanding FPS, and satisfied customers, some who became friends sharing their passion for the hobby in multiplayer.


    On behalf of Avsims Staff I would like to extend our condolences to his friends and family , a remarkable story of support in the most adverse of conditions. Billie Dawn, his daughter wrote a Blog about their experience in treatment, fighting through the social welfare system and saying good bye to her father that was touching, painful and ultimately a testament to the ties that bind and the "Better Angels of Our Nature"


    A Topic "FS has lost an Icon" has been started and can be used to leave your condolences and best wishes for his Family.


    Chuck Jodry

    Managing Editor



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