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    The "Quote" system

    Hi all,

    I was interested to see the introduction of the Inspirational Quote function, at the top right of the AVSIM Forum Home Page, and some inspiring quotes greeting me each visit. smile.png

    There is a function to "submit a quote" which I did; only to find that my quote never did appear in the list of quotes added for that day (or any day).

    Am I correct in assuming that this quote list is therefore 'by approval only' ?

    The quote I entered was by the Dalai Llama XIV and I felt, inspiring. There are a number of quotes on the list, of Christian origin, and I felt a perspective of similar intention but different persusion would be welcome, as not all of your membership will be Christians.

    If the quotes system is indeed 'by approval' only, could you please consider stating this on the submit form, so that people who take the time to submit a quote, then see it not appear, at least realize why.

    Also, perhaps some guidance on what you will choose to publish and what you will delete would be helpful.

    Thank you.
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