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    The X-Plane Devcon Rap Up

    Tom Allensworth

    By Tom Allensworth:

    On Saturday, April 21st, the X-Plane Devcon came to an end with a dinner hosted by Austin Meyer, his wife Lane and his parents. The three days spent with the various developers in attendance was both productive and encouraging. The X-plane genre' has been seen as a technical and somewhat closed community with almost an aeronautical engineer's quality to it. Events in the last year or two, with the involvement of Aerosoft and Flight1 Europe, along with strong support and product development from X-Aviation and others in attendance, have greatly altered the future potential of X-Plane as a mainstream competitor in the flight simulation market place. I was encouraged and heartened by the enthusiasm of those participating and was pleased to see the numerous products in development (and many well positioned for launch soon). In the coming weeks, AVSIM will be posting updates to the developments, the side and back stories, and insights into what is to come. In the meantime, we would like to share some images from the Devcon:


    sm_DSC00573.JPG  sm_DSC00576.JPG


    sm_SANY0010.JPG sm_SANY0016.JPG

    And here's an article that we thought the community might be interested in:

    Another side of the X-Plane Story.
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