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    Ultimate Airliners DC-9 Classic Preview


    Coming soon the F1 Ultimate Airliners DC-9 Classic, a state of the art simulation of the Douglas DC-9-30 aircraft and represents a new level of realism, simulation accuracy, and graphics quality from developer, Coolsky. Coolsky, has partnered up with McPhat Studios, for this product release to provide unparalleled modeling and texture work throughout the aircraft. The DC-9 Classic comes with fully operational 2D panel, plus a phenomenal virtual cockpit with everything modeled in 3D, even down to the smallest moving instrument parts, the virtual cockpit has been designed to maximize the immersion factor and to give you the feeling of 'being there' as you fly.




    Several more features will be included with the product such as a Navigation Simulator that will have you up to speed and flying by radio navigation in no time; live interactive schematic drawings of all major systems. These drawings are to help you understand exactly what is going on with your aircraft and its systems; and a failure simulation system that simulates 140+ individual system failures and situations in 3 categories of emergencies and 14 categories of abnormal situations. The DC-9 Classic also comes with an Coolsky’s Integrated Cockpit Training System. This training system guides you step-by-step through all the checklists and procedures necessary for the safe and proper operation of the aircraft.


    These features and many more will be included when the product is released. For a preview of the aircraft, visit the Flight One Software Facebook page . For full information on the DC-9 Classic and additional previews visit the CoolSky DC-9 Classic Homepage.

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