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    Upcoming FANCON 2013: Give Me Your Thoughts !




    Okay- time for a bit of input from all of you!


    The AVSim board has invited me to speak as the keynote for FANCON'13 in just a few short weeks in Wichita, KS.  (Weekend of 04MAY13)  During the course of my career I have spoken to a wide range of audiences on a wide range of topics- but this audience will be a bit quite different, as I am not be speaking in order to educate, train, pitch an idea, promote a policy, or earn your vote in an election. 


    So I thought it might be interesting to see what you all would like to hear about on this evening over dinner?


    I am going to put some parameters on the topic:  This is not an evening to promote or demonstrate the 777.  (I will, of course give an update on that topic and I might even slip and throw some information out that you haven't heard here- but you will have to wait and see...)


    So that brings me to this question:  What would you like to hear about?


    Airline flying?

    The future of the simming hobby?

    Air Racing?

    Aircraft restoration?

    Why I risk my reputation by associating with Tom Allensworth?

    The state of operational performance issues in the global airline industry?

    Personal anecdotes?

    Why my mother still makes the best coffee cake in the world?


    The point of the evening is to have a personable conversation with one another about our hobby and shared interests...  Where we are going, what challenges lay ahead, and maybe throw in a few anecdotal stories of flying, simming,and the real-life experiences of a simmer-turned-airline-pilot-turned-simmer...


    Anyway- let me know what you want to hear.  I promise two things:  1) I will mention something new about the 777 that you don't already know.  2) I will poke fun at Tom...


    On that note- I also hope that some of you will attend!  I tend to shy away from publicity- but my visits to Aerosoft's show in Germany are always very affirming because of the warm welcome from fellow simming enthusiasts.  It really is quite a bit of fun to meet some of you face to face- and I have been fortunate to have some really great friendships grow from the effort...


    It would be nice to see you there!


    We encourage you to encourage Robert. He apparently needs all the help he can get. (Tom)


    You can help Rob settle his dilemma here.
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