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    UTX USA V2.1 Now Available


    Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, announces the release of Ultimate Terrain X USA Version 2.1 (UTX USA).

    In November 2014 UTX USA V2.0 was released which completely updated the road layer based on the latest GPS quality data from TomTom. V2.0 also included the new autogen lighting feature set. V2.1 continues as another major update with regard to both added features and simulator platform support.

    V2.1 adds a brand new landclass across the entire USA. This includes Vegetation, Urban and Custom landclass layers. The new landclass is based of newly available commercial data not available in previous versions.
    The Urban/Rural road classifications have been recalculated for all roads based on our new landclass model. This has resulted in a complete recompile of all roads
    For those that want to have as much building autogen as possible in the large downtown areas, we have moved “Urban Major Road” features for large downtown areas to a separate layer which can be toggled on/off. These affected roads include only those major roads which cross into the Hi-rise building landclass textures normally used in downtown areas. Disabling these roads greatly improves the amount of autogen for the large downtown building textures, whose buildings have a larger footprint easily impacted by crossing roads.

    All Park, Golf Course and Cemetery ground polygons have been replaced based on latest commercial GPS data. This adds an additional 15% of features over our UTX USA V1.x product.
    UTX USA V2.1 now includes the UTX Install Manager application, which adds new Multi-Simulator support. The list of platforms supported includes: Boxed FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, P3D V2.1-2.4 and also P3D V2.5
    UTX USA V2.1 is a free upgrade for all UTX USA V2.0 users. UTX USA users prior to V2.0 can upgrade at a discounted price.

    Existing UTX USA users should visit the forum link.
    for upgrade information:

    New users can purchase UTX USA V2.1 at the Flight 1 order page.

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