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    V2.21T-45C Goshawk By Dino Cattaneo

    Tom Allensworth

    We rarely point out library uploads on the front page beyond our typical summary of uploads over the previous 24 hours. However, Dino Catteneo's Goshawk is such an impressive FSX add-on, that we think it deserves some special attention. Dino has uploaded Version 2.21 of the T45-C for FSX and it is now in the library awaiting your download. Here are a listing of Revisions provided by Dino in his readme:


    VERSION 2.21

    - Removed unnecessary duplicate files for reduced footprint


    VERSION 2.20

    - Changed external model canopy glass reflection to get rid of separate DX9/DX10 models. The new glass material (textured) looks OK in both modes.

    - Fixed texture folder cfg for texture aliasing

    - Added all the repaints from Jiri Soukup (which include the outstanding Centennial Of Naval Aviation schemes that were missing from the original package)

    - Minor fixes to virtual cockpit (mainly misalignment of some switches)

    - Improved HUD symbol generator modeling (should look slightly better now)

    - Redone all thumbnails for visual consistency in FSX menu

    - Fixed launch bar retraction animation sequence

    - Fixed UVW mapping texture in tailhook pivot area



    VERSION 2.10

    -Added instructor cockpit

    -Changed glass material reflection for DirectX 10 compatibility

    -Changed landing gear animation sequence to have a lower stance

    -Added VT-86 repaint courtesy of Russel R. Smith

    -Changed minor texturing flaws

    -Minor fixes to the flight manual, added aft cockpit diagram and ejection seat details

    -Activated "######ing Betty" sounds by default GPWS, Over G, Low Fuel, albeit voice warnings

    are not currently linked to DEP data. GPWS Voice is set to 300 ft regardless of DEP and Low

    Fuel is not linked to BINGO value (Voice activates when fuel is 300lbs or less).


    VERSION 2.01

    Fixed nose gear position datum (was sinking a little bit too much in the runway).


    VERSION 2.00

    COMPLETE REMAKE OF PREVIOUS RELEASE - Too many changes to list!


    You can find the T-45C here.

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