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    Vataware Shut Down


    According to a Facebook post by Tim, of the now closed Vataware, he has decided to shut the service down and attempt to find new caretakers for the project.  Founded in 2007, Vataware was a tool used by VATSIM pilots and provided real-time flight tracking and history.  


    Below is a quote of the official post found at Vataware's Facebook page.



    Hi everyone. I'm sadly sharing that vataware (in its present form) is not going to be returning. 7 years ago when I wrote the site I was very active in VATSIM as an ATC, pilot, and later became a VP. Nowadays, my two daughters, my full-time work, and a very full slate of other projects have kept me from even logging onto VATSIM as a pilot in many years. I simply don't have the energy to be constantly battling to keep things up and running, and while I've made a couple attempts, I clearly don't have the time or passion needed to do a re-write on a more modern technology stack.

    So, what now? I am working on getting ahold of the right folks at VATSIM to turn over the almost 30 GB of SQL data from 2007 up to this morning, in the hopes that someone will have the interest, time, and skillset to write a new web application to both render the historical data as well as continue to capture new data. I am sure they will be interested in hearing from volunteers.  I will make further posts on this page if I receive more information on that front.

    I want to thank everyone for their support and the well-wishes over the years - it has been immensely gratifying. I hope the project can live on with a new person or team behind it who can give it the time it deserves.  Cheers! - Tim




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