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  • Virtual Oshkosh 2013


    FS-MP's VIRTUAL OSHKOSH 2013 : Fri July 26 - Sun Aug 4 (incl)

    FS-MP.com is one of the most active Flight Simulator X-based multiplayer organizations. This year marks their 6th "Virtual Oshkosh" event, in which virtual pilots from all over the world can fire up Flight Simulator X and fly the VFR arrival to KOSH in a massively multiplayer environment - a sky filled with other aircraft piloted by real people. The air traffic controllers guiding you in will be real people too, and a few of them are either retired or active real-world air traffic controllers. Can't beat THAT for realism!

    Using an advanced, 2nd generation FSX server, FS-MP's multiplayer sessions can be viewed on the Internet, in real time, on their Google Map Display. A Session Status web page, shows all aircraft and controllers within the session.

    Full details of the event can be found on the FS-MP OSHKOSH website, together with full details of the various Oshkosh arrival procedures for both Pilots and Controllers, and a FREE FSX Airport add on Scenery file, that will bring Oshkosh to life.

    The FS-MP Multiplayer Session can be found, running 24/7 on the FsxBeyondGamespy list of sessions, (or by Direct IP Connect), and is open to all owners of FSX, who would like to realistically simulate the fun and excitement of flying in and out of Oshkosh during OSHKOSH 2013.


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