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    VirtualPilot3D Scam Alert


    A Recent release attempts to defraud the consumer with a DVD Boxed set called VirtualPilot3D. Avsim was informed by members that VirtualPilot3D a recent release was suspiciously like Flight Pro Sim, Pro Flight Simulator, etc, these "new" simulators are simply a rebranding of the FlightGear open-source flight simulator.


    The marketing tactics of VirtualPilot3D have caused confusion by using various FSX and Xplane screen captures and video images depicting what is claimed to be their product, additionally marketers made great use of testimonials and social network marketing to saturate the web with Fake Reviews and links back to their website.


    Investigating these links can be a hazard to your machine, during the process of researching the product this editor was twice alerted by my AV program of questionable links and content.


    The core program FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator that was created in 1996. It is released under the GNU General Public License v2, and as such, it is free to use, modify and distribute with few restrictions. It has been developed with the collaboration of a large number of individuals over the last 14+ years. The complete FlightGear application and source code can be always downloaded for free from FlightGear.org.


    We advise simmers who are interested in trying out VirtualPilot3D instead download the original from FlightGear for free from the above link.




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