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  • Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom Allensworth

    By Tom Allensworth


    This comes in two parts; my health and the future of AVSIM to the community and our team of members, forum owners, etc.


    First, my health… To state it directly; I am dying. I am dying from a carcinoma that started as a tumor in my stomach cavity that enwraps my stomach feeder vessels, kidneys, liver, the major blood vessels of the area and which are so embedded and wrapped around the maze of blood vessels and nerves that there is no cure except that of delay. The carcinoma has spread to most of my major organs. I have been given a pessimistic short 90 days of survival up to a lifetime number of 365 days.


    Second, and most importantly, the future of AVSIM… The staff and I with others in the community are looking at the alternatives that will keep AVSIM alive and prospering for years to come despite / in spite of my missing good looks and glowing positive daily participation.


    We will be expanding information on the future of AVSIM in the coming days.


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