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    X-15A-2 Special Edition For FSX And P3D


    The X-15A-2 Special Edition (version 2.0) is the first of Xtreme Prototypes next generation addons optimized for the latest versions of Microsoft® Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® and designed to take advantage of the new and more powerful personal computer systems that are available today. The addon contains a native version for Prepar3D® v2 and is fully compatible with Flight Simulator X: Steam® Edition.

    This new addon in Xtreme’s X-15 Series is a completely redesigned product that features new high-resolution models and textures, highly detailed virtual cockpits with full 3D gauges, additional systems and functionalities, over 60 sound effects, new animations and special visual effects, and a comprehensive online manual optimized for tablets and PCs. The manual, which contains over 200 topics and 400 keywords, includes a new section with complete system descriptions which was not included in the previous version.

    The X-15A-2 Special Edition is the result of many years of research and took almost two years to develop. Xtreme’s goal was to create an addon with the necessary features to make it as accurate as possible technically and historically, offering a higher level of realism, within the limitations and capabilities of the simulation platforms. In addition of being visually impressive, the addon includes virtually all the systems and functionalities found in the real aircraft.

    This rocket aircraft addon contains eight variations of the X-15A-2 with external propellant tanks and the mighty XLR-99 rocket engine and three fictitious variations of a delta wing X-15AD-4 with rocket engine nozzles and solid rocket boosters, based on proposed configurations for future X-15 aircraft.

    The three highly detailed exterior models feature more than 1900 parts and 100 animations. Three fully functional 3D virtual cockpits contain over 1500 parts and 300 animated custom gauges and systems. A custom X-15 flight model was designed to reproduce the characteristics of rocket-powered high speed and high altitude flights in the simulator.

    This is a chance for X-15 and rocket aircraft enthusiasts to go beyond books and films and jump in the cockpit of this extraordinary vehicle in a true simulation environment.

    The Xtreme Prototypes X-15A-2 Special Edition will take you as close as you can get to flying the world's fastest aircraft!

    Visit the X-15A-2 Special Edition product page  for further information.

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