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  • X-Plane DevCon Day 2

    Tom Allensworth

    Day 2 - Columbia, S.C. X-Plane DevCon


    One of most frequently heard complaints of X-Plane has been that of the graphic user interface (GUI). Laminar and the development community have heard the complaints and the GUI has become a very important discussion at the DevCon today. Everything from the weather interface to the aircraft selection panel are being discussed and reviewed. One of the other aspects of X-Plane that is being discussed is it's initial appearance of complexity. Part of the solution to that of course is the GUI, but other areas, such as directory structures, aircraft and scenery placement, are also identified as possible challenges to new users. Simplification of flight choices, quick flight, and more complex scenarios and how the user can best access and control those all have come into the discussion. Another area that is getting some focus is the joystick calibration scheme and the GUI to accomplish that, if any. Some of these changes could be seen in version 10.1. Timeline for that is too be determined, but these changes and improvements are seen as high priority and should be released sooner than later.

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