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    Aeropresentation City Airline, Sas & Piston Power


    Reviewer Marlon Carter sits down with three DVDs from Aeropresentation featuring aircraft and destinations from SAS, City Airline and Piston Power including the MD-87, DC-6, and 737 flying to Amsterdam, Rome, and more. Step into the cockpit and fly along with the flight crew to learn about real world airline operations

    SAS 737

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    This DVD is quite a bargain. For the price of $40.00 you get not 1 but 2 DVDs that feature the 737-500/600/700/800 operated by SAS.

    Disk 1 starts off with an interview with the Captain who talks about his flying career and his experience flying all versions of the 737. I was amazed to see that pilots at SAS fly all versions of the 737 and Captain Odd Haugsbak describes many of the differences in terms of handling and cockpit layout of each version.

    Our first flight takes us on a return trip from Oslo Gardermoen to Trondheim on the 737-800 followed by a twilight departure to Molde on the 737-500. Some of the highlights I think you will enjoy are the detailed cockpit setup segments, deicing, departure and arrival briefings and the stunning views from the cockpit. For those of you who are particularly interested in the HUD system, you will definitely enjoy the Captains brief presentation on this system.

    The true highlight for me on this DVD was the spectacular approaches into Oslo and taxiing in near zero visibility! These approaches were so amazing that even the pilots talk about it with excitement!


    The second DVD features flights from MOL to OSL onboard the 737-600 followed by a round trip to Amsterdam onboard the 737-700. These flights feature cockpit preparation procedures and more stunning views from the cockpit. Overall I think that anyone who loves the 737 will be in love with this DVD. I can definitely see myself looking at this over and over again.

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    City Airline MD-87

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    This DVD features the MD-87 operated by City Airline on a round trip to Rome. My overall impression at the end of this DVD was that this is one of the best MD-80 DVDs around.

    It starts off with the flight crew giving a brief presentation on how they prepare for their flights. The first officer then takes us to the flight deck where he powers up the MD-87 from a cold and dark cockpit state and carries out all of his preflight cockpit checks. After the departure briefing and all other cockpit preparation items are completed, it’s off to Rome.

    During the flight, some of the things you may find interesting are the discussions by the First Officer on various aspects of his job and some interesting facts on the MD-87. The return trip was uneventful and featured the various routine procedures you would expect from the flight crew. The final segment of this DVD features our First Officer who is not a Captain, preparing for the final MD-87 flight by City Airline. This segment is not a flight deck video, but it features a nice clip of the MD-87 being pushed back and departing on its final journey.

    The editing and camera angles in this DVD were amazing and I especially appreciated the great views from the cockpit during the flights. I would definitely recommend this DVD.

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    Piston Power

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    This DVD is a piston engine lover’s paradise. It starts off with a tour of the Air Atlantique hangar where their DC-6 and other aircraft are based. This segment features a general tour of the aircraft and a few clips of the aircraft being prepared for a short flight. The next segment features a fun ride in the cabin onboard a DC-3.

    The highlight of this flight was the cruise portion where the DC-3 flew in formation with other aircraft. The final segments of this DVD features clips from an airshow of sorts that features vintage aircraft such as the DC-6, DC-2, IL-2, DC-3 and a Constellation.

    The DVD comes to an end with a cockpit takeoff and landing video onboard a DC-6 in the late evening. Overall this was a nice DVD and I am sure it will appeal to you piston airplane fans out there!

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    Summary/Closing Remarks

    These DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. There are other companies that produce these types of DVDs but quite honestly the camera quality and the editing of these DVDs by Aero presentation is quite impressive. Price wise, Standard HD DVDs cost $30.00 in Europe and $28.00 in the USA. Blue Ray versions will cost you $33.95 Europe or $34.95 in the USA.

    While the prices may seem a bit steep I honestly feel that the unique editing, camera views and overall experience provided in these DVD might be worth it.

    What I Like About the DVDs
    • Breathtaking scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircrafts

    What I Don't Like About the DVDs

    • Nothing....
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