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    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter








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    JFK New York JFK, USA






    JFK New York JFK, USA










    For those who have never heard of HiFly, this airline provides worldwide charter services from its home base of Lisbon. HiFly features a fleet of various Airbus aircraft, but the most unique type of its fleet is the Airbus A380. At the time of this review in 2020, the future of the A380 seems uncertain, but despite what the future may bring, this video presentation preserves a unique opportunity for everyone to enjoy the experience of what it’s like to flying the A380. In this review, we will look at some of the highlights of a round trip flight from Paris to New York.

    Starting off at the Charles De Gaulle airport, we join the captain of our flight as he takes us on an exterior walkaround of the A380. Standing under the A380 truly gives an unbelievable perspective of the size of this aircraft. The special livery of the aircraft also highlights HiFly’s goal of being an ecofriendly operation while drawing attention to the face that we can all play a part in this effort.
    As we examine the engines, it was quite intriguing to learn about the thrust, efficiency and the $20 million dollar price tag of each engine! At moments like this, one can’t help but to marvel at the innovations that have occurred in aviation over the years.The presentation on the exterior of the aircraft was very educational and I think that everyone will enjoy some of the insights on the wings and other components of the aircraft.

    Prior to departing CDG, the Captain gives an onboard briefing to the cabin crew. Given the size of the aircraft, the number of cabin crew needed for this flight was far more than you would typically see on an A320. After a cockpit briefing on our flight and a review of the routing, the viewers are also given a special tour of the electronics compartment below the cockpit which also leads to the forward cargo compartment. This segment is a special treat for those who enjoy a look behind the scenes and I think that this was certainly a special highlight of this presentation.

    Once airborne and enroute to JFK, the viewers are given a presentation on features of the EFB and a review of the routing of flight in light of nearby weather systems. Despite having to deviate from bad weather however, in just over 7 hours the A380 approaches the busy airspace of JFK at night,making a unique but smooth landing on runway 22R.

    For the second sector of our flight back to Paris, we begin once again with a detailed exterior walkaround of the aircraft prior to a nighttime departure from JFK. Once this inspection is completed and the crew has been briefed for the departure, the aircraft steadily makes its way once again to 22R for departure.

    During the return flight to Paris, there were a few interesting segments that featured oceanic procedures, fuel transfer during flight, an introduction to the crew and a tour of the A380 cabin which highlights the fascinating amenities offered by this airline. After just 6 hours enroute at a final cruising altitude of 43,000 feet, our flight safely arrives back at the Charles De Gaulle airport, bringing this fascinating program to an end. Overall, this presentation will no doubt provide many the opportunity to experience the unique thrill of flying onboard the A380 and seeing firsthand what it takes to fly this aircraft. In addition to featuring the professionalism of the crew and features of the aircraft, this video also features many scenic views thanks to the numerous camera used in filming. If you are a fan of the A380 or simply intrigued by this unique aircraft, this video presentation is a must have for your collection and I’d like to thank Just Planes and HiFly for allowing aviation enthusiasts from around the world, to have a closer look into the operations of this airline and this beautiful aircraft.







     JUST PLANES HIFLY A380 Homepage

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