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    JUST PLANES Air Belgium A340


    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description: Air Belgium A340


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter




    Video Preview





    Flight Information





    Flt Time




    KF 5961




    CRL Charleroi, BELGIUM

    FDF Fort De France, MARTINIQUE



    KF 5961



    FDF Fort De France, MARTINIQUE

    PTP Point A Pitre, GUADELOUPE



    KF 5961




    PTP Point A Pitre, GUADELOUPE

    CRL Charleroi, BELGIUM






    Air Belgium is a relatively new airlines which started its operations in 2018 with a fleet of Airbus A340-300 aircraft. This presentation features a series of flights onboard the A340 from Belgium to Martinique and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Starting off with a meeting with the cabin crew, the Captain provides valuable information on the flight details which covered possible delays due to de-icing and the possibility of bad weather enroute. Once completed, we join the pilots in the cockpit of the A340 as they make their last minute preparations before departure.

    After departing Charleroi and climbing about the layer of overcast clouds above Belgium, our flight continues onward to Martinique and Guadeloupe where there were many noteworthy highlights. For example, I really enjoyed the segments that featured the Captain’s comments on the advantages of the A340 and why he prefers this aircraft to Boeing aircraft. Other segments featured a detailed look at the systems of the aircraft and how they are used and set for this particular flight. Finally, the segments I also thought were a significant highlight featured the landing in Martinique and Guadeloupe which nicely showcased the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

    After making our final stop in Guadeloupe with a 4 day layover, there was a short but enticing ad which featured the beauty of the islands which is sure to attract viewers to these destinations. For our return trip to Belgium, after departing in the late evening from Guadeloupe, our nearly 8 hour flight featured a few intriguing moments which focused on the ATC communication required for crossing the Atlantic, discussions on Equal Time Point (ETP) and a continuation of a presentation on the systems of the aircraft which was quite extensive and insightful.

    The final highlight came during our early morning landing at Charleroi where the view was quite different to our departure some days earlier. During our approach, the weather was mostly clear and it allowed for an amazing view of Belgium before making a smooth and uneventful landing. Ultimately, this video presentation has quickly become one of my top 10 favorites from Just Planes and I especially appreciated the friendly and professional demeanor of the entire flight crew. If you are a fan of the A340 or any airbus aircraft in general, this is certainly a video worth adding to your collection since the A340 is sadly being phased out from many airlines. In the future, I certainly hope that we see more flights featuring Air Belgium and more flights featuring destinations in the Caribbean region!



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