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    JUST PLANES BLUE 1 717-200 Review


    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description:  BLUE 1 717-200


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter


    + Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    + Briefings & Checklists

    + Cockpit set-up

    + Cockpit Presentations

    + Airport Departure/Arrival Charts

    + External Walkaround

    + Fantastic scenery

    Flight Information

    ARNStockholm Arlanda, SWEDEN

    PRG Prague, CZECH REP.

    HEL Helsinki, FINLAND



    Being a subsidiary of SAS, Blue1 operated the Boeing 717 to various destinations across Europe from its base at Helsinki. What makes this program so special is that it captures the final days of the operations of the B717 for this airline. In late 2015, their fleet of 717s was sold to Delta and Volotea. In this program you will have the privilege of joining the flight crew as they fly to destinations such as Prague, Stockholm and Helsinki. The first leg of this program takes us on a return trip from Stockholm to Prague which features an in-depth look at the FMS/cockpit setup and Engine start procedures. In addition to this, you will also be enlightened by the crew as they discuss various subjects such as departure procedures, approach briefings. One of the most significant highlights of this trip was the detailed cockpit presentation of the B717. For lovers of the B717, this presentation will prove to be one of the most comprehensive available and you are sure to learn a lot about this aircraft and see why so many pilots love this aircraft.

    Our second and final trip of this program takes us on a series of flights between Stockholm and Helsinki. While many of the highlights of these trips are similar to our first flight, this segment also includes a detailed walkaround inspection of the B717 which was another significant highlight of this program. In addition to the in-depth look at the operations of this aircraft, you will also enjoy the outstanding scenic views from the cockpit while flying both during the day and night time. For anyone who likes the B717 whether in the real world or the world of Flight Simulation, this program will prove to be very insightful as you see firsthand how this aircraft is operated. At a cost of $30.00 U.S, this program is well worth it since it provides the unique opportunity of witnessing the operations of one of the last two B717 operators in Europe!




    Video Preview



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