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    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description:  LATAM A350


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter






    + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    + Pilot Presentations

    + Flight Preparations

    + Cockpit set-up

    + Briefings & Checklists

    + Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Cockpit Presentation

    + Great scenery

    + Cabin views

    + Wing views on approach & landing




    Flight Information

    GRU Sao Paulo Guarulhos, BRAZIL

    MXP Milan Malpensa, ITALY



    For aviation enthusiast around the world, there is nothing more exciting that learning about a new aircraft. When it comes to new aircraft, the A350 is certainly at the top of the list since its initial certification in 2014. With quite a number of these aircraft already on order, LATAM was one of the first few airlines to have the opportunity of flying the A350 and Just Planes seized the opportunity to create an amazing documentary that showcases the operation of this aircraft.
    Unlike most Just Planes videos, this documentary features a single flight that captures almost 4 hours of insightful information on the A350. Our flight from Sao Paulo to Milan begins with an introduction to the crew as they review their dispatch documents covering route, weather and NOTAMS prior to departure. Once completed, we then hop onboard the aircraft for a first look at the spacious cabin. Shortly thereafter we join the crew in the brand new cockpit of the A350 as they walk us through the cockpit setup. This presentation nicely showcases some of the innovative features of the A350 which is a marked improvement over previous models, including the not so older A380.

    After departing GRU, the presentations continue for the duration of our flight with discussions on the various systems of the aircraft and some of the improvements that reduces the workload of the pilot. The joy of having privilege to fly A350 is evident as both Captain and FO make it quite clear that this aircraft holds a special place in their career history. In addition to learning about the technical aspects of the A350, you will also see some amazing views from the A350 cockpit both at night from Sao Paulo and during the daytime while on approach to Milan. With over 2 hours of presentations on this aircraft, everyone will enjoy this short but very enlightening journey. If you are a interested in learning more about the A350, then this is a program worth having since it is perhaps one of the only A350 cockpit videos available. – Highly Recommended.


    Video Preview







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