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    Description:  MAHAN AIR 747-300, A300-600 & A430-600

    Format: HD Download

    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter




    + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    + Flight Preparations

    + Cockpit set-up

    + Briefings & Checklists

    + Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Cockpit Presentation of Airbus A340-600

    + Cockpit Presentation of Boeing 747-300

    + Flight Engineer Presentation on 747-300

    + Great scenery across Iran

    + Great views approaching Dubai










    Flight Information





    Flt Time




    W5 1054



    KER Kerman, IRAN

    THR Tehran Mehrabad, IRAN



    W5 1095

    W5 1094





    THR Tehran Mehrabad, IRAN

    BND Bandar Abbas, IRAN



    W5 061

    W5 060





    THR Tehran Imam Khomeini, IRAN

    DXB Dubai, UAE




    Mahan Air is a newcomer to the list of airlines featured by Just Planes and this program certainly takes things off to a great start. Featuring the classic 747-300, the A300-600 and the somewhat new A340-600, this program will appeal to the interest of all aviation enthusiast. Our first round trip features the A300-600 which is an amazing aircraft that has been the backbone of many airlines. This aircraft is unfortunately not a common sight in passenger operations today, but it certainly is being used heavily in the cargo sector of the airline industry. As we join the crew from Kerman to Tehran, viewers will enjoy observing as the cockpit is setup for departure and how effortlessly the pilots fly this aircraft. Flying around Iran always offers beautiful scenery and this segment certainly offers some of the best views in this region.

    Our next roundtrip flight from Tehran to Bandar Abbas features an aircraft few have seen had the opportunity to fly onboard. The 747-300 is a true classic and it is one of the only classic 747 models with a 3 man crew still in operation. Throughout this segment there were many highlights which showcased the team work required to fly the aircraft, in addition to presentations from the Flight Engineer and Captain which covered the routing, briefings and systems of the aircraft. To anyone who loves classic airliners, this is certainly a highlight of this program not to be missed.

    The final round trip featured in this program takes us from Tehran to Dubai onboard what can be considered to be the most modern aircraft of the Mahan Air fleet. With seven A340-600s in their fleet, It’s quite clear that Mahan Air loves having a 4 engine airliner as their flagship aircraft. To begin our trip, we join the pilots in the cockpit as they complete all necessary procedures prior to departure. With the A340-600 being such a large aircraft, it was no surprise that in order to taxi safely to the runway, the captain needed some assistance via the exterior cameras. This is a unique feature of the A340-600 series and it is one that enables the pilots to steer the aircraft accurately while on the ground. While enroute to Dubai, most highlights features the pilots carrying out their duties with briefings and communication with ATC included. As always, the approach and landing at Dubai was an outstanding highlight given the fascinating scenery surrounding the Dubai airport.

    For the return flight to Tehran, I was quite impressed with the thorough cockpit presentation by the First Officer in addition to his detailed arrival briefing. This clearly shows that the pilots of Mahan Air are highly professional and are very knowledgeable about the aircraft they fly on a daily basis. While the final segment was somewhat short, it certainly was informative. In the end, I think that this program is certainly well worth having and especially so since it includes a rare look at the 747-300 and the A300-600 in passenger operations. Mahan Air may not be well known globally, but this fantastic program certainly is a nice introduction to this intriguing airline.




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    I have about 50 Just Planes DVDs but I haven't purchased anything from them since they shifted to downloads that require the use of the Flux (ie non-standard) viewer application to watch the files. To anyone that uses the player - whats the experience like? Do you feel frustrated that you can't just watch the file in any standard player?

    I would purchase many new programs but at $30 a pop, and watching them long term always being dependent on a particular kind of obscure player always being available have I now for years have just given Just Planes a miss. What do others think (particularly people who regularly buy from Just Planes).


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