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    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description:  ROYAL AIR MAROC 747-400

    Format: HD Download

    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter




    + Cockpit filming using up to 7 cameras!

    + Flight Preparations

    + External Walkaround

    + Cockpit Set-up

    + Briefings & Checklists

    + Cockpit Presentation

    + Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Great scenery

    + Pilot Presentations







    Flight Information





    Flt Time




    AT 208



    CAS Casablanca, MOROCCO

    YUL Montreal, CANADA



    AT 209



    YUL Montreal, CANADA

    CAS Casablanca, MOROCCO










    With the 747-400 slowly being retired from passenger operations, it’s becoming a very rare opportunity to fly onboard this iconic aircraft. This program features a roundtrip flight from Casablanca to Montreal onboard the 747-400 and it features many interesting highlights that will appeal to all aviation enthusiast for years to come. After taking the viewers on an exterior walkaround of the aircraft, our First Officer takes us to the flight deck where the remaining departure procedures are completed. Once airborne, there were numerous segments which featured stunning scenery and presentations from the pilots covering our routing and other intriguing bits of information on the 747.

    Throughout the first flight to Vancouver, it was quite evident that both of our pilots truly loved flying the 747. In a presentation made by the First Officer, it was quite evident that she was especially fond of the 747-400 while also enlightening the viewers on how she got into aviation. Her story, while not especially unique, was inspiring and I am sure that many young viewers will be interested in knowing how they can also become a pilot. During the Captain’s presentation, we learn about his career, the operations of Royal Air Maroc and the operations of the B747. While we all enjoy the flying aspects of these videos, learning from experienced pilots is always an enjoyable and enlightening feature of these programs.

    The final highlight worth mentioning centers on the return flight to Casablanca. During this segment the viewers will have the opportunity to experience a cockpit presentation by the First Officer which was sufficiently detailed for anyone wanting to learn more about the 747 cockpit layout and systems. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the cockpit presentations featured in these programs and I’ve found that on each occasion, you can learn more and more about the same aircraft.

    To conclude, I think that this program was a unique and memorable look at the operations of the 747-400. I appreciated the excitement and professionalism of the crew and I also enjoyed the fine editing done by the producer of this program. With numerous cameras throughout the cockpit, there was no shortage of perspective and just in case you missed something, the periodic replays were a nice addition. With this being the second program to feature Royal Air Maroc, it’s quite evident that this airline loves sharing its passion for aviation. It is my hope that we continue to see more of this airline in the future and perhaps more featuring the Queen of the Skies.


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