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    Pilots Eye SWISS MIAMI


    Publisher: PILOTSEYE

    Description:  SWISS A330 MIAMI

    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter






    Pilots Eye SWISS MIAMI


    This program takes us on an amazing journey with Captain Thomas Frick and First Officer Jennifer Knecht, as they visit the sunny destination of Miami onboard the A330-300 operated by SWISS International Airlines. What makes this program standout among many others is the fact that it centers not only on the A330, but it also focuses on the airline, destinations and the pilots themselves.

    As this program begins, we join our pilots as they complete their review of the Dispatch documents for their flight. Once this was completed, they also briefed the cabin crew on the flight ahead which is typical for flights of this nature. Next, we join the crew as they make their final preparations for departure which consisted of final cockpit preparation and the pushback process. What I enjoyed the most about this segment were the numerous camera views that allowed the viewers to enjoy various perspectives. For example, there were cameras at various positions on the ramp, on the pushback tug and even in the control tower which our Air Traffic Controller can be seen giving our flight its clearance. This level of detail requires much planning and from the very beginning of this programme, it’s quite clear that Pilotseye is focused on achieving the best production quality for its customers. Further examples of this are seen in the takeoff which was captured in a stunning cinematic slow motion effect which will be a delight to viewers.

    During our flight to Miami, there were many highlights worth mentioning in this review. For example, during the climb/cruise phase of the flight, the Captain and First Officer discuss details on various sights, airshow events with the A330, The Swiss training base at Grenchen and numerous moments where viewers can enjoy stunning views from the cockpit. Some of these discussions also included video clips at various locations such as the training base at Grenchen and clips of the A330 flyby at an airshow. With such creative editing, our journey across the Atlantic captures your attention from start to finish.

    After landing in Miami, the fun continues as we join our pilots on a relaxing day under the sun as they enjoy the sites and watersports that Miami has to offer. Capturing these moments in this programme provided an entertaining break from the aviation aspects of this video and it may well be a source of motivation for you to consider visiting this destination in the future!

    Following a day of relaxation, we rejoin Capt Frick and F.O Knecht as they take a short flight from Kendall airport to Vero Beach onboard a Piper Seminole in order to pay a visit to the newest batch of Cadet Pilots training at the Flight Safety Training Facility. While visiting the students, Capt Frick takes the time to answer some of their questions which ranged from which aircraft they will fly upon completion, flying international routes and any other concerns they may have. There is no doubt that such a visit to these cadet pilots would have provided some additional motivation and it is an excellent example that many airlines and pilots can learn from in mentoring new pilots.

    The final segment of this programme takes us back to the A330 for a night time departure from Miami back to Zurich. While the takeoff was uneventful, there were moments where our pilots were on high alert due to thunderstorms in the immediate area. However, after hearing favorable reports from another aircraft the tension was eased and it was somewhat smooth sailing from that point onward.

    As we approached Zurich the following morning, Cap. Frick discusses the tricky process of slowing down the A330 in windy conditions given its nature to glide very well. This was an insightful segment that aviation enthusiast will enjoy about the A330 and it was one of many intriguing details about the A330 you will learn throughout this programme. After a smooth landing by our First Officer which was captured in a slow motion cinematic fashion, this exciting journey comes to a fitting as our pilots bid the viewers farewell.

    My overall thoughts on this video documentary are that it is program worthy of prime time television. The production is outstanding both visually and sonically. Anyone who is familiar with the quality of work done by Pilotseye will be well aware that they go above and beyond to bring you the best visual experience and with this production, they have exceeded all expectations. What I honestly appreciate about these videos is that they follow a story line and it isn’t simply all about the aircraft. In many instances, these videos document the lifestyle of a pilot both personal and professional, the culture of a specific airline and the overall thrill and excitement associated with travelling to new destinations. A point worth noting however is that the primary language in this video is NOT English and it requires the use of subtitles for English speaking viewers. Other languages supported by subtitles are Chinese (simplified), German, Spanish, French, Turkish and Russian.

    One might easily assume that because this programme isn’t primarily English, it might be difficult to follow. However, I am pleased to say that I found it very easy to follow along with the subtitles and I am sure others won’t find it to be too much of an inconvenience. All things considered, this is a program I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in aviation and anyone who is especially fond of SWISS International Airlines. We live in a world that has required strict security policies that prevent many from seeing the world the way pilots see it and I am grateful that SWISS has opened its doors to the viewing public for an opportunity to be inspired by the hard working men and women at this prestigious airline.

    If you would like to obtain a copy of this video, Pilotseye has provided Blu-Ray, DVD and Video On Demand services via Vimeo. The price of the Blu-Ray and DVD options are approximately 25GBP / 29 EU.



    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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