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    REVIEW - DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI for FSX/P3D



    by Justin Cogo




    Introduction/About DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI

    Incoming!    The De Havilland DH.98 was a British multi-role combat aircraft that served in many variants during and after the Second World War.




    A twin-engine, fast aircraft for its time period, it was also able to perform slow-flight which made it good for close-range targeting and short-field takeoffs and landings.   It served roles like light bomber, fighter-bomber, night fighter, maritime strike aircraft, and photo-reconnaissance aircraft.   Upwards of 7,000 of the Mosquito were built.



    Just Fight DH.98 Mosquito

    Just Flight has recreated the DH.98 Mosquito for FSX, FSX:SE and Prepar3D.   The Mosquito is a fighter-bomber and this Just Flight version is highly detailed and comes with a few nice extra features.




    Exterior Models

                    Built over actual plans

                    Removable doors, covers, panels to reveal detailed interiors




                    Truly 3D virtual cockpit – including cables and piping with animations and realistic

                    Aircraft Systems – electrical, hydraulic and fuel systems, navigation and comm instruments

                    Numerous animations – windows, wipers, flares

                    Night lighting




                    Six Liveries – Painted in Royal Airforce and Royal Canadian Air Force color schemes



                    Layered Paint Kit

                    Realistic Flight Dynamics

                    Authentic Sound Set

                    Droppable Bomb Animations and Gun Effects

                    Custom Landing Light Effects

                    2D Configuration Panel



    Installing/Just Flight Procedures

    The installation process for the Mosquito was a breeze and had the airplane ready to go right away.   I had the airplane open in Flight Simulator X quickly.



    First Impressions of it inside Flight Simulator

    Opening up the Mosquito I notice the outside of the plane have a WWII appearance, big body, big engines and big tires, seeming very tough.


    The cockpit of the airplane has many steam gauges, making it seem like you could navigate very far if needed and do some custom flight maneuvers.







    Inside the Airplane

    Peering inside of the airplane we can see the multitude of steam gauges and old-style equipment.   There are many gauges, buttons, switches, lights and such that mostly work.   The cockpit of the aircraft interestingly has two side-by-side chairs because of the aircrafts role that requires more than one crewmember.  


    There is a lot of small detail in the cockpit, down to the seatbelt detail on the seats and openable doors in the cockpit leading to the outside.












    Outside the Airplane

    The airplane’s exterior has many detailed features with many modelled and textured panels included.   There are modelled air intakes, engine moldings, antenna wires, landing gear detail and such.  


    An added exterior feature are removable doors and panels, showing the airplanes inner-workings.   These panels are removed by pressing the Shift+E keys, after which the panels lie on the floor and the insides of the airplane can be viewed.  


    Some extra features on the outside of the model are the gun barrels and bomb bays which can be activated.   Later in the review I will talk about how to activate them.











    Night View

    The Mosquito has your normal set of lights for a WWII airplane.   Included are navigation lights, beacon, landing lights and internal cockpit lights.   As per your typical dog-fighting aircraft the cockpit has a dim red-light which brightens the cockpit at night but not too much to overwhelm the viewing experience.








    Aircraft Specifications


    16.51 m (54.17ft)

    Wing Area

    42.18 m2 (454.02 sq.ft.)


    12.47 m (40.91 ft.)


    4.65 m (15.25 ft.)

    Empty Weight

    6,486 kg (14.300 lb.)

    Maximum Weight

    10,115 kg (22,300 lb.)

    Power Plant

    2 x Rolls-Royce Merlin 25

    Maximum Speed

    378 MPH

    Service Ceiling

    33,000 ft.

    Maximum Range

    1,855 miles



    237 gals – fuselage

    2 x 62 US Gallons – Wing Tanks

    1 x optional drop tank of 170 gallons



    4 x 0.303 Browning Machine Guns

    4 x Hispano 20mm Cannons

    2 x 500 lb. Bombs


    Pilot and Bomb Aimer/Navigator




    Aircraft Performance

    Flying the Mosquito was nice.   During slow flight it is easy on the controls and is not difficult to fly, even as a tail-dragger.   When flying at faster airspeeds, you lift the flaps and increase speeds and she flies fast.




    Included in this airplane package are six liveries of the Mosquito.   They are painted in Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force,

    (left, CY-H of 613 ‘City of Manchester’, right, OB_J of 45 Sqn RCAF)






    (left, HR405/NE-A of 143 Sqn, right, LR373 YH-A of 21 Sqn)






    (left, HR402/OB-C of 45 Sqn, right, SB-V of 464 Sqn)








    Droppable bomb animation and gun firing effects are included with this airplane.   Gun Firing can be enabled by pressing the button “I”.   A gun-flash is shown outside the aircraft at the gun barrels.   Bullets do not show though.







    2D configuration panel

    The 2D configuration panel opens and can be used for adjusting eye point and crew configuration.







    The DH.98 proves to be a positive add-on for my military aircraft collection in flight simulator.   I found the small details to be nice and it to be a simple and easy aircraft to fly.   I think if you like military aircraft you’ll like this airplane.   It reminds me of WWII when I step into it.   I like it and thought it was a worthy aircraft for its price!


    Thank You!


    Thank you to Just Flight for providing a review copy of this aircraft.


    -Justin Cogo

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