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    Canadian Airports 1

    Robert W

    Canadian Airports 1 is a package containing all four Canadian airports that were released as of December 31st 2011 from OryxSim. The four airports are Kelowna International Airport, Okotoks Air Park, Castlegar – West Kootenay Regional Airport and Chilliwack Regional Airport. Each airport is also available to purchase individually. Below I will briefly describe each of these airports.


    Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) is located approximately 10 minutes or 7.1 miles northeast of Kelowna British Columbia. According to the City of Kelowna, in 2010 the airport was one of the busiest Canadian airports in terms of the number of passengers served. Kelowna International Airport offers 62 daily non-stop commercial flights with Air Canada, West Jet, Alaska Airlines, Central Mountain Air and Northwestern Air serving Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Victoria, Prince George, Edmonton and Red Dear. Seasonal service is also available to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cancun. The airport has an elevation of 1421 feet and has a single 8900 foot runway.


    Okotoks Air Park (CFX2), is located 17 miles south of Calgary, Alberta and is the first private airpark community in Canada. It is a small airport that is primarily used for VFR flying. This airport has a field elevation of 3601 feet and has a single paved runway measuring 3025 feet by 50 feet.


    Castlegar-West Kootenay Regional Airport (CYGG), is located 2.3 miles South-Southeast of the City of Castlegar, British Columbia and is owned and operated by the City of Castlegar. The airport is surrounded by high hills and is one of Canada’s most challenging airports to approach and land at. Castlegar is only open during daylight hours with the Dash 8-300 being the largest aircraft to be able to operate there. The field elevation of the airport is 1624 feet and has a single paved runway measuring 5300 feet by 150 feet.


    Chilliwack Regional Airport (CYCW) is located adjacent to Chilliwack, British Columbia and is well known as the “Fly For Pie” airport due to the popularity of the pies at the airport café that attracts pilots from the lower mainland of British Columbia and the United States. Chilliwack Airport is home to approximately 75 private and commercial aircraft which includes both fixed wing and helicopters. There are over twenty businesses based at the airport including: flight schools, charter companies (both fixed wing and helicopter), aircraft paint & maintenance shops as well as other aviation related businesses. The airport field elevation is 32 feet and it has a single paved runway that is 3990 feet by 75 feet.


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