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    Cebu Pacific, Hello, Spanair, Nordic Leisure & AeBal


    Reviewer Marlon Carter takes a look at 5 DVD productions from JUST PLANES/WorldAirRoutes that include various flights aboard the MD-80, MD-90, DC-9, A320 and B717. Fly along with the pilots as they take their craft to destinations around the world including Egypt, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, the Philippines, and more. View the pilots performing their flight deck actions and get a feel for what it's like to be in command of an airliner.


    Nordic Leisure






    This DVD takes us to various destinations within Sweden and Egypt onboard the MD-80. Some of the highlights of this DVD are the company presentation given by the First Officer and Captain in two languages, Cockpit presentations, Cabin service presentations, Captain's discussion on the history of the aircraft and a very detailed walkaround of the aircraft while at Stockholm.


    Other highlights I think everyone will enjoy are the very scenic approaches and departures from various airports. Some that immediately come to mind was the approach into Cairo with a lovely view of the Pyramids and some fantastic shots from the cockpit while on landing at night at Lulea.


    Overall this is perhaps on of the best MD-80 DVDs around. - Recommended


    Additional Information








    Hello isn't just a greeting but it’s also a very interesting airline that's featured in the DVD. It starts off with a company presentation by the captain which is followed by a series of flights to destinations in Switzerland, Egypt, and Turkey onboard the MD-90.


    While at first glance the MD-80 and 90 may look the same, they are quite different as you will realize in this DVD presentation. Some of the highlights I enjoyed were the cockpit presentations, cabin service presentation, detailed walkaround and a very insightful discussion by the First Officer on the differences between the MD80 and MD90.


    Apart from these highlights, you will no doubt enjoy very scenic views from the cockpit on both the approach and landing phase of each flight. All in all this was a nice DVD and one of the very few that features this rear aircraft.


    Additional Information


    Cebu Pacific






    Even though the cover of this DVD features a Cebu Pacific 757, this DVD is loaded with action from the flight deck of the DC-9-30 even more so! I enjoyed the first segment with the 757 but I was floored by the action packaged and scenic presentation of the DC-9.


    The flights featured in this DVD take us to various destinations in the Philippines from Manila and is perhaps one of the best DC-9 videos out there. I really enjoyed the stunning views from the cockpit along with very informative presentations from the friendly crew on the cockpit, walkaround and cabin service.


    One of the flights that stood out the most was the beautiful crosswind landing on a short runway at Tagbilaran. There were also many amazing night landings on other very short and narrow runways that would easily leave the novice pilot sitting on edge.


    In Summary, this is a great DVD that deserves your attention and especially so if you love the DC-9. - Recommended


    Additional Information






    The Spanair DVD takes us to Las Palmas, Barcelona, Copenhagen and other destinations onboard both the A320 and MD-80.


    Starting off with the A320, we join the crew as they complete two round trips to Las Palmas and Barcelona. Some of the highlights I think you viewers will enjoy are the scenic views from the cockpit of the A320, along with clips of the cabin service and a very cool shot of an MD-80 on final with the A320 not far behind.


    Moving to the MD-80 segment of the DVD we join the crew as they head to Copenhagen, Ibiza, Tenerife and Hamburg. Highlights that stood out were the walkaround presentation, cockpit presentation, cabin service and some amazing scenic views from the cockpit and cabin while both in flight and on approach and departure.


    My thoughts on this DVD overall is that while this may not be a new DVD, it is certainly worthy of your attention if you are a fan (especially so) of the MD-80. It offers a fine view of the how this aircraft is operated and some of the fascinating destinations flown by Spanair.


    Additional Information








    AeBal starts off with a company presentation that outlines the history and operation of the company. This is then followed by a series of flights that take us from Madrid to Vigo, Fuerteventura, Palma, Oviedo, Malaga and Bilbao on board the "new" Boeing 717.


    Some of the highlights you will enjoy apart from the very scenic views are the procedures and briefings, cockpit preparation, cockpit presentation, full walkaround of the aircraft and clips of the cabin service. One of the clips I enjoyed and I think you will too, is the final approach to Madrid from Malaga which showed an Iberia 747 on final just a few miles ahead of our 717.


    The 717 is a rare aircraft nowadays and I think you will definitely enjoy this DVD if you are interested in learning more about the day to day operation of this amazing "little" aircraft.


    Additional Information


    Summary/Closing Remarks


    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each, they are a bargain. I would strongly recommend these DVDs to anyone who is a fan of the MD-80 or DC-9.dog” or maybe you’re interested in the upcoming Coolsky DC-9 then these are DVDs that will help you understand many of the procedures involved in flying these great aircraft.


    What I Like About These DVDs

    • Breathtaking scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircrafts

    What I Don't Like About These DVDs

    • Nothing....

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