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    Iran Air A300/A320


    Marlon Carter takes a look at a documentary DVD/Blu-ray from Viking Aviation Photo focusing on the Iran Air Airbus 300/600 and A320. Sit on the flight deck and observe the pilots during flights from Tehran to Sweden and around Iran. Cockpit presentations are also included that explain in detail some of the flight operations.


    IRAN AIR A300-600/A320






    This new addition to the lineup of DVDs provided by Viking Aviation Photo (Flight Deck Actions) starts off with very captivating clips of Tehran accompanied with what seems to be local music. The first flight takes us on a roundtrip from Tehran to Sweden onboard the A300-600.


    During this trip you will no doubt enjoy the clear view of the departure procedures, cabin service presentations and some very interesting discussions with the pilots that cover their career history and history of the A300.


    One of the segments that stood out the most was the interesting cockpit presentations that covered interesting details on the fuel system and how it assisted in keeping the aircraft in trim. The return trip to Tehran likewise contains many of the same highlights but overall I think you will enjoy this part of the presentation and the very scenic views from the cockpit during each stage of the flight.


    The final segment of the DVD features the A320 from Tehran to Shiraz. Highlights of this trip were the presentations on cockpit preparation, pilot career history and the scenic views from the cockpit on approach to Shiraz.


    While this DVD isn’t very long (180mins) as compared to others, it was very well put together. This is not the first time I have reviewed DVDs from Tommy Mogren and I have to say that he continues to provide the very best in editing. Using multiple cameras view and widescreen/HD format Viking Aviation Photo has once again provided a unique look into the day to day lives of the pilots of Iran Air.


    This is definitely a DVD you will enjoy and I highly recommend it if you are a fan of the A300-600 or A320.


    Additional Information


    Summary/Closing Remarks


    This new DVD is very entertaining. I was blown away by the meticulous editing done by Tommy Mogren and anyone who views these DVDs can see that he takes pride in his work. The camera angles, widescreen/HD format, precise editing and interviews with the pilots made this DVD well worth the 24.99 Euro (Approx $33.50 USD) price tag. I would definitely recommend you have a look at some of the DVDs he has to offer.


    Shipping from Sweden was surprisingly fast and I was definitely satisfied with the DVD packaging. My only wish is that we see more titles added to the list soon

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