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    JUST PLANES – SAS A340-300


    JUST PLANES – SAS A340-300

    A review by Marlon Carter



    Format: Blu-ray
    Time: 210 min



    Just Planes is delighted to continue its extensive adventure with SAS having filmed the Boeing 737, Douglas MD80, Airbus A330 to Newark as well as partner airlines Blue1, Wideroe and Spanair. This time our program features the Airbus A340 on the Copenhagen to Washington route.


    Our A340 displays the Star Alliance livery. Just Planes has filmed 13 member airlines in the alliance!


    This program also introduced Captain Bjorn and Copilot Marius, both go out of their way to explain and present all the details of their flight, route, aircraft and lots more. Captain Bjorn is well known from his presence on You Tube and Instagram!


    ·       Cockpit filming using up to multi cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    ·       Flight Preparations

    ·       Cockpit Set-up

    ·       Briefings

    ·       Checklists

    ·       External Walkaround

    ·       Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    ·       Cockpit Presentation

    ·       Great scenery on departures & arrivals and en route specially over New York & Boston!

    ·       Cabin Service

    ·       Presentation by steward

    ·       Tour of Washington




    Flight Information





    Flt Time




    SK 925



    CPH Copenhagen, DENMARK

    IAD Washington Dulles, USA



    SK 926



    IAD Washington Dulles, USA

    CPH Copenhagen, DENMARK







    This program begins in a traditional fashion with our Captain and First Officer conducting their dispatch briefing for the long flight from Copenhagen to Washington DC. In this presentation the crew discusses the route and weather information related to their flight in order to ensure that the 8 hour long flight across the Atlantic would be uneventful.


    After the pilots conclude their briefing, they meet up with cabin crew to inform them of any relevant information they may need for the flight ahead. Once all briefings have been completed, the crew makes their way to the aircraft were the First Officer takes the viewers on an extensive external walkaround of the A340. During this walkaround you will learn of all of the seemingly insignificant details that are to be checked in order to ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly. In addition to this, the external walkaround is also a great opportunity to admire the majestic stance of the A340 on the ramp from all angles.


    Making our way back to the cockpit, the flight crew completes their cockpit preparations and the engine start process step by step.  After takeoff, the flight to Washington was filled with many interesting presentations that focus on Oceanic Clearance and crossing procedures, use of the CPDLC, Progress reports, Fuel Management, Secondary flight plans and much more! During this leg of our trip you will also be able to admire the stunning views from the cockpit while enroute and during the approach to Washington where there is a clear view of New York City and New Jersey below. As with most A330/A340 landings, our landing in Washington was smooth an uneventful which cleared the way for our crew to spend a day or so touring Washington DC. As you would have expected, Just Planes was there to capture all of the fun.


    In preparation for our return, we join the flight crew onboard the aircraft as the captain briefs his crew on the details of our return flight to Copenhagen. Once this was completed and cockpit preparations were finished, we swiftly departed Washington with another intriguing 8 hours of pilot presentations on the A340 cockpit & systems, Cabin service and great views of New York, Boston (home of Just Planes) and Cape Cod. After landing at Copenhagen early in the morning, we taxi to the gate where the crew bids the viewer’s farewell.


    If I had to summarize my overall view of this program, I would say that it is one of the best A340 documentaries out there. The editing, camera angles and replays accompanied by music all makes this program an enjoyable experience. SAS has always been welcoming to Just Planes and by extension it shows that they are interested in sharing with the world the culture and professionalism of their company. Programs such as these are very inspiring and I am sure it may inspire or motivate all aviation enthusiasts around the world. Well done!




















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