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    Just Planes - AeroGal, Air Contractors & Comair


    Marlon Carter takes a look at 3 DVDs from Just Planes that put you on the flight deck following the pilots of 3 air carriers as they command their birds, including the B727 and 737, to locations including Ecuador, Sweden, Great Britain, and South Africa. Enjoy the classic aircraft and beautiful scenic views from the cockpit.




    This is a DVD definitely geared to those of you who love classic airliners. It features the 727-200 and 737-200, two iconic aircraft that easily can be classified as some of the most popular airliners of all time.

    Apart from the featured aircraft and cockpit presentations, you will definitely enjoy the scenic flights to various destinations in Ecuador. The takeoffs and landings in Quito are second to none and they truly highlight the skill of the pilots at Aerogal.

    The final highlight of this DVD was the sightseeing tour of Quito which was a fantastic touch that completed this DVD. This DVD is definitely a keeper.

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    Air Contractors 727



    This DVD is a real treat for anyone who loves old school airliners such as the 727. While it is very rare to catch sight of a 727 in passenger service, it is even more of a rare occasion to see a 727 carrying out cargo operations in Europe.

    This DVD features the operations of Air Contractors 727 on cargo runs to Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Brussels, Bergamo, Vitoria and London Luton. This DVD didn’t feature any significant cockpit presentations but it was nonetheless very enjoyable as it makes up for this with fantastic video footage of the 727 in action both on the ramp and in the air. The procedures involved in flying this classic aircraft are clearly presented and I am sure you will enjoy this gem of a DVD.

    Overall this is a great DVD that features amazing scenic views and a clear view of what it takes to fly this amazing aircraft. I would highly recommend this DVD to 727 lovers as this may be your last opportunity to see this wonderful aircraft in action over the skies of Europe. I was told that there are no plans to release this DVD ever again so get it while it’s hot.

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    Comair Limited



    This is a fantastic DVD. Comair Limited operates with a fleet of 737s and this DVD features the operations of the 737-300 and 400 to destinations such as Victoria Falls, Johannesburg, Lanseria, Capetown, Mauritius, George and Port Elizabeth.

    Some of the highlights of this DVD would definitely be the briefings by the flight crew, a clear view of various procedures and especially the scenic views from the cockpit. The segment that stood out the most was the flight from JNB to Mauritius which includes a beautiful clip of Reunion Island, departure in heavy rain and wing views.

    By far this DVD will appeal to anyone who loves the 737 classics. It was a pleasure looking at this DVD and I loved the fact that the flight crew was very friendly and insightful in their presentations. Overall, this is a keeper!

    Additional Information

    Summary/Closing Remarks

    Publisher: Just Planes
    Format: DVD
    Reviewed By: Marlon Carter
    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home. Just Planes has really stepped up their editing and production of their DVDs and I am sure we will continue to see more innovations in their future products.

    What I Like About the DVDs
    • Breathtaking scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircraft

    What I Don't Like About the DVDs

    • Nothing....
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