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    Just Planes - Air Dolomiti / Air Seychelles / Nationwide Airlines

    Robert W

    Just Planes - Air Dolomiti / Air Seychelles / Nationwide Airlines

    Aviation Documentary


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter






    Just Planes takes us on yet another captivating journey to destinations in Italy and Germany onboard the BAE146 and ATR-42/72. The first segment of the DVD features the Bae146 on flights to Milan and Naples from Munich Germany. Most of these flights were routine in that they didn't feature many outstanding highlights.


    However, some of the points of interest you may like to know about include a cockpit presentation, external walkaround, cabin service presentation and an interesting discussion by the captain on the history of the company. The second segment which featured the ATR was equally as exciting as the first and it featured an interesting walk around of the ATR which I think many of you might find enlightening.


    Overall my impression of this DVD is that while it isn't bad, it isn't the best we have seen from Just Planes. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of the ATR or BAE146 and you want to learn more about the procedures involved in flying these aircrafts, then this DVD may be suited for you.


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    This DVD is all about scenery and excitement as you fly to destinations such as Paris, Gatwick, Denis Island, Pralin Island, Dzaoudzi, Mauritius and Moroni on the 737,767 and Twin Otter. The first trip takes us to Paris on the 767-300 with a return trip to Mahe from Gatwick.


    These flights feature a cockpit presentation of the 767 which was the best I have seen so far. The cockpit presentation covered not only the forward and overhead panel, but also the side panel behind the first officer which is often neglected in other presentation on the 767.


    The portions of the DVD featuring the 737-700 take us to destinations such as Mauritius, Dzaoudzi and Moroni. The highlights of these flights were the external walk around and amazing views from the cockpit on departure and approach. Saving the best for last, the true highlight of this DVD for me was the Twin Otter. While this portion did not feature any cockpit presentations, I was very impressed by the performance of the aircraft as it made its way to the beautiful Denis and Pralin Island.


    Apart from the flying aspect of this DVD, you might also enjoy the brief tour of Seychelles and company presentation on Air Seychelles. All in all you can't go wrong with this DVD. It features interesting aircraft and beautiful scenery that may entice you to visit these unique islands one day.


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    This DVD was sold out for quite some time and after my first viewing of it I can see why. It's very rare in this day and age to see a BAC111-400, 727-100 or 737-200 operating in and out of your local airport yet alone have the opportunity to fly in one! This DVD features the operations of Nationwide Airlines to destinations in South Africa and Zambia onboard the BAC111-400, 727-100 and 737-200.


    Some of the segments I enjoyed in this DVD were the flight to East London on the BAC111-400. This is a rare aircraft and it was quite a privilege to be taken on a walk around and to see firsthand how it is operated. The flights to Livingstone, George, Capetowne, Durban and Lusaka were flown on the Boeing 727-100 which is another unique and extremely rare aircraft. Highlights from this segment include an external walk around of the aircraft, cabin service, cockpit presentations and very scenic views from the cockpit. One of the views I enjoyed the most was the view of Victoria Falls on takeoff from Livingstone.


    The 737 segment of the DVD featured many of the same highlights as the previous flights and offers a host of scenic views from the cockpit. Overall this is a fantastic DVD that features the operation of classic aircrafts in passenger service. As an aviation enthusiast with an appreciation for the classics, this is a DVD worth having.


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    Summary / Closing Remarks


    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home. Just Planes has really stepped up their editing and production of their DVDs and I am sure we will continue to see more innovations in their future products.


    What I Like About This DVD


    " Breathtaking scenery

    " Creative editing and camera views

    " Features very unique destinations and aircrafts


    What I Don't Like About This DVD


    " Nothing

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