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    Just Planes - Air France A340 / Varig / Vasp

    Robert W

    Just Planes - Air France A340 / Varig / Vasp

    Aviation Documentary


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter








    This DVD was an absolute pleasure to watch. It was both informative and entertaining as it featured not only an interesting aircraft, but also unique destinations! Some of the highlights of our first round trip flight from Paris to Cairo include briefings from the pilots during various phases of flight, meal service presentation and stunning views from the cockpit on departing of the Eiffel Tower and views of the pyramids on approach to Cairo. The return trip featured many of the highlights from the first leg, but what stood out the most to me was the short but intriguing clip of the Concorde departing Charles De Gaulle.


    The next destination on our final round trip is Bogotá Columbia. The flight starts off with a briefing by the pilots as they discuss their departure and routing information. After departure the flight continues uneventfully but with interesting segments that contains brief presentations by the pilots. Since this trip takes us over the Caribbean, viewers are treated to fantastic views from the cockpit of various Caribbean Islands.


    After the landing in Bogota, we join the crew on the final leg back to Paris where they make a beautiful early morning landing. Overall I thought this DVD was very well put together and it provided the perfect viewing perspective that I think everyone will enjoy. It truly makes you feel part of the experience and I would definitely recommend this DVD.


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    VASP was once one of Brazil's leading airlines with a fleet of MD-11s, 737s and A300s. In this DVD we take a look at the operation of this airline and why it was once the number one choice for Brazilian travelers. We start off with a presentation on Brazil itself which highlights many of the main attractions that can be found in this vast and intriguing country. This is followed by a flights onboard the MD-11, B737-300, A300 and the 737-200.


    Each of these flights is presented in a TV documentary style presentation with a narrator that guides us through each segment of the DVD. I enjoyed this approach because it seem more like looking at a TV documentary on the airline than what we are typically use to from Just Planes. Portions of this DVD you may find interesting are the approaches into Rio and Sao Paulo and the more in-depth flights featuring the MD-11. While I can't say this is the best DVD Just Planes has done, it surely isn't bad and if you don't mind the "vintage" feel of this film you just might enjoy this presentation.


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    VARIG 777






    If you know anything about aviation in Brazil, one of the airlines you might readily know of is VARIG. This DVD takes a look at VARIG's 777 operations out of Sao Paulo to Madrid and Manaus. It starts off with a night departure out of Sao Paulo to Madrid that features highlights such as general procedures, flight information and briefings. On approach to Madrid, viewers will get a great view of 3 other aircrafts lined up on final just ahead.


    The return flight was a bit more exciting as the first officer takes us on a tour of the avionics bay of the 777 and the crew rest areas. He also takes the time to explain some of the paperwork that is routinely used every flight. Another point of interest was the segment that featured the captain and first officer talking about their career history.


    After landing in Sao Paulo, we depart to Manaus where the weather was less than perfect. From the cockpit you can't help but notice the CBs over Manaus, but the crew does a fantastic job at making their way around them. While on the ground in Manaus the first officer takes us on a walk around of the 777 which I think many of you may find informative.

    In summary I think this was a good DVD that does justice to the 777 and I think it will appeal to anyone but especially fans of the 777. - Recommended.


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    Summary / Closing Remarks


    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. I would strongly recommend these DVDs to anyone who is a fan of the MD-80 or DC-9.


    If you own the "flythemaddog" or maybe you're interested in the upcoming Coolsky DC-9 then these are DVDs that will help you understand many of the procedures involved in flying these great aircraft.


    What I Like About This DVD


    " Breathtaking scenery

    " Creative editing and camera views

    " Features very unique destinations and aircrafts


    What I Don't Like About This DVD


    " Nothing

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