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    AIR ICELAND DASH 8–Q200/Q400


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter


    002.jpg003.jpg004.jpg005.jpg006.jpg007.jpg008.jpgReviewed by: Marlon Carter





    + Cockpit filming using up to 5 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    + Pilot Presentations

    + Flight Preparations

    + Cockpit Set-up

    + Pilot Briefings + Checklists

    + Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Cockpit Presentation

    + Aircraft Walkaround

    + Fantastic routes to Greenland and within Iceland

    + Amazing Scenery







    Air Iceland may seem like a newcomer to the line-up of Just Planes videos, but back in 2004, Just Planes first visited Air Iceland to film their fleet of Fokker 50s and Metroliners. This time around, we will be getting a behind the scenes look at the operations of Air Iceland and their modern fleet of Dash 8 Q200s and Dash 8 Q400s.

    Departing from Reykjavik, this documentary takes us to intriguing destinations such as Kuluksuk, Isafjordur, Egilsstadir, Akureyri and Ilulisaat. While the names of these destination may be a bit of a tongue twister, I can guarantee that after viewing this video, the striking beauty of these destination will leave a lasting impression on your mind. On our first flight to Kuluksuk, in addition to seeing the professionalism of our pilots in action, you will also see just how outstanding the Dash 8 Q400 truly is as it flies in and out of gravel runways with ease. As a fan of the Dash 8, I truly appreciated many of the informative segments about the aircraft which included a presentation on the cockpit and a walkaround inspection of the aircraft.

    The Dash 8 Q200 also shines throughout this program with Air Iceland sporting an upgraded cockpit that closely resembles the displays seen in the Q400. One of the most outstanding moments in this program features the Q200 landing at the famous Isafjordur airport which is well known to be one of the most challenging to any pilot. The fact that the pilots of Air Iceland make flying these difficult approaches seem so easy is a testimony to the outstanding quality of training received by these pilots. If you are keen on knowing more about the pilots, you may also enjoy a few segments where the pilots share a little about how they got into aviation. To an aspiring pilot, hearing these stories can be very inspirational.

    On a final note, while this video is a Dash 8 lover’s paradise, it also showcases just how much of a paradise Greenland and Iceland can be. Even if you cannot imagine a cold territory to be anything like a paradise, the amazing scenery seen throughout this program is guaranteed to leave you awe-inspired. With Just Planes featuring clips from 5 cameras, there is no shortage of perspective. If you are an aviation enthusiast or you are interested in the Dash 8, then this video is by far one of the best you will find. I certainly hope that Air Iceland continues to open its doors to the world and to inspire generations to come through the love of aviation.




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    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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