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    Just Planes - Arik Air

    Robert W

    Just Planes - Arik Air

    Aviation Documentary

    DVDReviewed by: Marlon Carter






    Just Planes has released a new DVD about a new airline called Arik Air. This new release is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray and it features the operations of this airline to various destinations in Africa and to Heathrow London.


    To start off, we take a tour of the Operations Control Center of the airline which is responsible for the day to day functioning of the airline. Following this interesting introduction, we join the cabin crew as they are briefed for the first flight of the day onboard the A340-500 operated by HiFly, from Lagos to Heathrow. After a thorough walk around inspection of the aircraft, we join the flight crew in the cockpit as they prepare the aircraft for its journey.


    During our first flight to Heathrow there were many highlights. Personally, I enjoyed the discussion with the Captain on the major differences between the A340-500 and the 300 series and what makes the A340-500 one of the best A340s ever built. I was also impressed with the use of the Ipad in the cockpit which has significantly simplified the task of reviewing charts and operation manuals. There was very impressive display of the Ipad and its capabilities that I think you have to see it to believe!


    After our arrival in Heathrow, we switch aircraft for our return flight onboard the 737-800 to Abuja. Apart from the cockpit preparations, this was pretty much a routine flight with no significant highlights worth mentioning. The following day we join the crew of the Dash 8 Q400 to flights from Lagos to Asaba and Abuja. These flights were very interesting and apart from scenic views from the cockpit, you may also enjoy the cockpit overview and external walk around of this marvelous aircraft.


    Destinations also featured in this DVD are Benin City and Accra which we journey to onboard the 737-700 and 800 series. Two of the highlights that I enjoyed the most were the discussions with the Captain on the history and accomplishments of the airline that really shed some light on how significantly different this airline really is in comparison to the stereotype of other airlines from Africa.


    The final highlight had nothing to do with the airline or destination itself, but it was the new and very interesting camera views introduced on this DVD. During the final two flights in the 737, you will notice a blended camera view on landing where you are able to see both the throttle and a view of the runway blended together. Just Planes continues to be creative in their production of these DVD and I hope we see more innovation in their editing.


    Overall this is a DVD that is worth its price and I won't hesitate to recommend it anyone. 9/10


    Addition Information: http://www.worldairr...s.com/Arik.html


    Summary / Closing Remarks


    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home. Just Planes has really stepped up their editing and production of their DVDs and I am sure we will continue to see more innovations in their future products.


    What I Like About This DVD


    " Breathtaking scenery

    " Creative editing and camera views

    " Features very unique destinations and aircrafts

    " DVD and Blu-Ray option

    " Reasonably prices

    " HD format


    What I Don't Like About This DVD


    " Nothing


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