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    CORSAIR 747-400

    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter




    + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras

    + Fantastic views on takeoff & landing!

    + Detailed Preflight Preparations

    + Crew Briefings

    + Checklists

    + Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Detailed Cockpit Presentation

    + Pilot Presentation

    + Great scenery






    Corsair is an airline that has always opened its doors to aviation enthusiast over the years and Just Planes has once again had the privilege of filming the operations of one of their most iconic aircraft. With Corsair International being the very last French 747-400 operator, this program offers viewers the opportunity to view the beautiful city of Paris from the cockpit of this aircraft, as it makes an 11 hour round trip to the beautiful Mauritius Island.

    To begin our journey, we are introduced to our pilots as they prepare the aircraft for a night time departure. During their preparation, viewers will be able to see all of the crucial procedures that are carried out by the pilots prior to departure. These procedures include FMS setup, performance calculations and engine start to list a few. Once completed, we taxi to the runway where our heavily loaded 747 effortlessly makes its way into the dark skies above.

    After departing the Orly airport, our flight to Mauritius Island mostly follows the routine procedures associated with long haul international flights. After a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, our pilots can be seen carrying out their arrival briefing which is followed by a scenic approach and smooth landing at Mauritius. As an added bonus, Just Planes has also included a replay segment of our approach and landing which allows viewers to experience this flight from various perspectives.

    The second segment of this documentary features our return flight to the Orly airport. During our return flight, there many presentations from the captain which included essential bits of information pertaining to our flight and a presentation on the company’s operations. For viewers who are unfamiliar with the operations of Corsair, this segment may provide some insight into the history of Corsair, their fleet and the future of their fleet of 747s.

    As our 11 hour journey progresses, the First Officer also engages the viewers with an explanation of the CPDLC feature of the FMS and a detailed presentation of each panel of the 747 cockpit. For anyone who is an avid fan of the 747, these segments are perhaps the most enlightening throughout this video. As this documentary comes to an end, the final highlight of our journey centers mostly on the scenic aspect of this video. While on approach to the Orly airport, the scenic views of Paris just prior to sunset was an amazing sight to behold and it truly inspires appreciation for the gift of flight. Overall, this documentary aptly captures the thrill of flying onboard the Boeing 747 and it also showcases the professionalism of Corsair pilots. If you are an avid enthusiast or a fan of the 747, this video documentary is highly recommended.




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