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    Just Planes WorldAirRoutes - Jetsgo - Jetairfly - Orient - Thai Airlines - Icelandair - Blue1


    Staff Reviewer Marlon Carter takes a look at several DVDs from publisher Just Planes in collaboration with WorldAirRoutes that take you on a variety of equipment including the MD-80, 767, 757, 747 and Avro RJ traveling to destinations including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Phuket, and Egypt








    Back in 2003, Just Planes released the Jetsgo MD-80 DVD. Why are we reviewing it now in 2012? Well the Jetsgo DVD was sold out for quite a number of years and you will see why when you check out some of the highlights of this DVD.


    The first flight takes us onboard the MD-83 to Holguin, Cuba from Toronto. Starting off in the early morning, our flight crew prepares the aircraft for the Pearson 9 departure. Prior to departure however, the crew taxis to the deicing ramp where the aircraft is deiced from sitting overnight with snow and ice on the wings and fuselage.


    After departure, the crew takes the opportunity during less hectic portions of the flight to talk to the viewers on the routing and other flight details of interest. During the approach for landing there were many scenic views from the cockpit and a great view of the landing from the cockpit. After landing in Cuba, the First Officer takes the viewers on a very thorough walk around of the aircraft and if you are a fan of the MD-83 you will definitely find it informative. During the return flight to Toronto, the First Officer does a presentation on the FMS which was very insightful into its operation during flight. The landing at Toronto was uneventful but very scenic with views of Toronto at dusk.


    Our next series of flights take us from Toronto to Vancouver, Montreal and Timmins. Prior to our first round trip to Vancouver, the Capt takes the viewers through nearly the entire overhead panel cockpit preparation checklist along with other tests and checks. The flight to Vancouver was very routine and it afforded many opportunities to embrace the mountainous terrain and densely populated areas enroute. The return flight was also uneventful but featured presentations by the captain that covered some of the flight details. The approach to Toronto at night was quite stunning visually with the dense lights of Toronto below.


    The final two flights to Montreal and Timmins featured many of the highlights of the previous flight but what stood out the most was a very interesting cockpit presentation that enthusiasts and virtual MD-83 pilots will find useful. I wish I could go on about how great this DVD really is but I think its best you check it out yourself. This is, in my opinion, one of the best MD-80 DVD you will ever find. - Recommended


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    The Jetairfly starts off with an interesting company presentation by the COO who gives a break down on the operation and fleet of the airline. The first flight features the ever popular 767-300 on a long haul route from Brussels to Montego Bay Jamaica and Cancun Mexico.


    After a short briefing by the captain, we join the crew in the cockpit as they prepare the aircraft for departure. Preparations for the departure included briefings and other cockpit procedures that are typical prior to engine start. After departing Brussels, the Captain and First Officer take the opportunity to explain to the viewers various aspects of the flight including the departure and enroute information. Another point of interest was a very detailed cockpit presentation by the First Officer during the cruise. The approach into Montego Bay was quite impressive and very scenic. One of the sights I enjoyed the most from Montego Bay was the lineup of Air Jamaica aircrafts on the ramp.


    The next leg of our trip takes us to Cancun Mexico. After a turnaround of the aircraft, our crew departs Montego Bay at night enroute to Cancun. The approach into Cancun was also very scenic with the lights of the city below glistening through the cockpit window. Our return flight to Brussels the following day was equally scenic with amazing views of Miami and the Florida coastline from the cockpit.


    The next segment of this DVD features the 737-800 on flights to Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. These flights features a wealth of information that would be useful to anyone who is a fan of the 737-800 and it also offers a fantastic view from the cockpit while flying in and around Egypt and Brussels.


    The final segment focuses on another interesting aircraft. We hop onboard the Fokker 100 on a round trip from Brussels to Nador, Morocco. These flights were not very long but nonetheless they were interesting and overall I think everyone will enjoy looking at this DVD. - Recommended


    Additional Information


    Orient Thai Airlines






    Orient Thai Airlines operates a chartered and scheduled operation in Southeast Asia. This DVD features the airlines then fleet of 747-100/200 aircraft to destinations such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Phuket, Bangkok. All of the flights in this DVD featured many interesting clips and scenic views from the cockpit, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of this DVD are the presentations by flight crew, cabin crew and CEO of the airline.


    The CEO describes the operation of the airline and the challenges they had to overcome in order to break the monopoly of another airline. He also talks about the fleet and the operations of its sister airline One-Two-Go. The next presentation that may be of interest to you viewers is the cabin crew presentation. The cabin crew takes the opportunity to explain the various services they offer as well as a presentation on the meals served onboard!


    The best of all these presentations was the flight crew presentation of the 747-100/200 cockpit. The detailed explanation of the overhead panel, flight instruments and engineer’s panel was quite daunting. I was really amazed at how thorough the flight crew were in their explanation and this is by far the best 747 classic DVD you can lay your hands on. If you are a fan of the 747 classic, this is one DVD you have to check out!


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    Starting off with a company presentation, we learn a great deal about the history of Icelandair dating back to the 1930s! You would also find it interesting to know that Icelandair is much more than an airline since they also offer many other services. Our first series of flights take us from Keflavik to Stockholm, Glasgow and London onboard the 757-200 and 300 series.


    The first flight takes us from Keflavik to Stockholm onboard the 757-200. The flight itself was uneventful but on the return leg of the flight there was an interesting cockpit presentation that outlined many systems of the 757. During the approach to Keflavik, viewers will have a wonderful view of the coastline of Iceland followed by a very smooth landing.


    Following another round trip with the 757-200 from Keflavik to Glasgow, we hop onboard the 757-300 series for a round trip flight from Keflavik to London Heathrow. The highlight of this flight was the cockpit presentation and the captain’s presentation on the major differences between the 200 and 300 series. The landing in Heathrow was uneventful but offered a nice view of London below while on approach.


    The final segment of this DVD features the operations of Air Iceland. Starting off with a brief presentation on the airline, you will learn about its operation and its fleet of Fokker 50 and Sw. Metroliners. The operations of Icelandair takes us from its Reykjavik base to destinations such as Kusuluk Greenland, Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Isafjurdur in Iceland. These flights feature not only cockpit presentations but they also offer a beautiful scenic view from the cockpit while flying in and out of airports in Iceland. Overall this is a great DVD packed with action (especially during the Icelandair operations). I think if you like the 757 or scenic domestic flying operations, then this DVD may be worth your time and consideration.


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    This DVD features yet another member of the SAS Group called Blue1. At the time of filming this DVD, Blue1 operated a fleet of Avro RJs and MD-90s. Flights onboard the Avro take us to various destinations in Finland such as Kuopio, Vaasa and Gothenburg Sweden. Most of these flights feature basic flying procedures and many scenic views from the cockpit on approach. One of the highlights that I enjoyed was the walk around of the aircraft that gave a good perspective on the actual size of this aircraft, which is a lot bigger than you may think. Another highlight was the safety briefing, cabin service and cabin view on the final trip to Sweden.


    The next segment of this DVD features the operations of the MD-90 to destinations such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. It’s not often you get to see or fly onboard an MD-90 but this DVD gives a good perspective of what it is like to fly this amazing aircraft. During the cruise portion of one of the flights, the Captain takes the opportunity to give a very thorough cockpit presentation of the MD-90 which was very insightful as he takes you through nearly every system of the MD-90.


    Other highlights include cabin services, aircraft walk around, scenic views and a clear view of all the procedures carried out by the flight crew as they operate the Maddog. Overall, I enjoyed this portion of the DVD and in its entirety I think everyone will find something enjoyable while viewing this DVD.


    Additional Information


    Summary/Closing Remarks


    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home. Just Planes has really stepped up their editing and production of their DVDs and I am sure we will continue to see more innovations in their future products


    What I Like About the DVDs

    • Great scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircrafts

    What I Don't Like About the DVDs

    • Nothing....

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