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    Just Planes/World Air Routes – Air Canada E175/190 USA


    Air Canada




    Review by Marlon Carter. Canada has once again opened its doors to the public by allowing them to observe their hard working flight crews in action. Many of the Air Canada DVDs that were released in the past featured international destinations from the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.


    With the release of this Blu-Ray featuring the E175 and E190s, Just Planes and Air Canada is offering one of the most unique programs in their series to date. It is very rare that anyone would have an opportunity to film flights to U.S airports and in this series we will be visiting La Guardia, Denver and Washington DC for the very first time!


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    Toronto-New York


    Our first round trip takes us from Toronto to La Guardia with Capt. Jeff Lewis and F.O. Gorde Stevens. Prior to departure, we join the flight crew at the dispatch office as they review the flight plan using the companies dispatch software. In this segment the captain takes us line by line through the dispatch release and explains the significance of each section. If you have always found it difficult to understand the dispatch release, then this is the segment you won’t want to miss!


    After the briefing was completed, we join the crew onboard the EMB-175 Fin# 384. During the moments before our pushback, viewers will have the opportunity to see the procedures associated with a cockpit configuration checklist, FMS setup and a thorough departure briefing.


    While enroute to New York there were a few highlights worth mentioning. For example, the captain shows the viewers how an approach briefing is carried out. In addition to this, the views from the cockpit on approach were stunning to say the least and it was one of the very few opportunities that anyone will have to see NY from the cockpit window. Adding to this experience was the replay of our landing from a camera that was mounted on the cockpit window for a “bird’s eye view” of the arrival.


    After an overnight in New York, we join the crew once more as they prepare the cockpit for an early morning departure back to Toronto. This leg of the trip features briefings, FMS setup and amazing views of New York at dawn.


    While enroute to Toronto the captain explains the significance of the aircraft logbook and how it is filled out. This is an aspect of being a captain that is seldom seen but after seeing this presentation you will see why so much emphasis is placed on maintaining an accurate aircraft logbook.


    After a presentation with the approach briefing, our First Officer in command of this sector safely lands the EMB-175 in Toronto which brings our first exciting U.S trip to an end.




    The second round trip flight in this video takes us to Denver. Prior to departure, we join Capt. Nigel Jackson and F.O Tania Lor as they program the FMS and carry out other checks before pushback. One of the highlights of this departure featured the aircraft de-icing process which was necessary due to a buildup of frost on the aircraft overnight. Another highlight was the approach to Denver.


    While on final approach, it was quite exciting to experience seeing this vast airport from the pilot’s perspective. In addition to filming the landing from the cockpit, we also have the added treat of seeing a replay of the landing which shows a Southwest 737 landing on adjacent runway almost in sync with our aircraft.


    Toronto-Washington DC


    After an uneventful return to Toronto, we once again join Capt. Jeff Lewis as he prepares for our trip to Washington DC. KDCA is famous for its “River Visual” approach and I had to admit that I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have the opportunity to experience this. Nonetheless, this flight is definitely a high point of this program.


    The approach to KDCA featured many opportunities to enjoy the scenery of both the city and airports such as the Andrew’s Air Force Base. The landing was uneventful but it also provided an opportunity to see the operations of other U.S airlines which is not commonly seen in these videos.


     After the passengers were boarded and cockpit preparations were completed, we swiftly departed on our final flight of this program back to Toronto which can only be described as short but sweet.


    In conclusion, this video is without question a unique addition to the series of Air Canada documentaries. In addition to flying onboard the EMB-175 for the very first time, we also had the opportunity to experience 3 major U.S airports from the pilot’s perspective. Opportunities such as this are becoming increasing rare, but thanks to Just Planes and Air Canada, you can enjoy this experience in the comfort of your home for years to come.


    If you are interested in experience the world class service of Air Canada, flying to unique U.S destinations and learning more about the duties of Air Canada flight crew, then I would highly recommend this program!














    Additional Information


    What I Liked About Air Canada E175/190 USA


    ·         Great scenery

    ·         Creative editing and camera views

    ·         Features very unique destinations and aircrafts

    ·         HD and widescreen format

    ·         Fantastic Airline and Flight Crew.

    ·         The price of $30.00 is fair

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