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    Just Planes/World Air Routes - Norwegian 737







    Review by Marlon Carter. The last time that Just Planes visited Norwegian Air Shuttle back in 2004, we had the privilege of flying onboard the B737-300. This time around we will be flying onboard Norwegian’s newly acquired fleet of 737-800s to destinations such as Hamburg, Rome Fiumicino, Alesund, Stockholm, Cologne and the most northerly airport in Norway called Longyearbyen.




    The video starts off with a short clip of Norwegian 737s in action. Our first flight takes us far north to Longyearbyen and in preparation for this flight we join the crew as they carry out their briefing and performance calculations using the EFB. After the departure, the captain discusses details related to our flight plan along with interesting bits of information about our destination airport which is the most northerly airport in the world!

    Given the location of this airport, the weather is susceptible to rapid change and it requires good planning on the part of dispatch and the flight crew to ensure that adequate alternates are available.




    For our arrival, the scenic view of the ice capped terrain was stunning to say the least. Adding to the beauty of this experience is the addition of “dramatic” music that was quite fitting for the enjoyment this segment. The landing was uneventful but quite an experience due to the rough runway at Longyearbyen.


    While at the terminal, the captain does a thorough external walk around of the aircraft in preparation for our return flight. This is where things get exciting! The departure from this airport is very unique since it is surrounded by high mountain terrain. After the takeoff run, our flight makes an almost 40 degree bank to the left in order to avoid terrain. This was an exciting moment and I am sure you will enjoy this wild ride.

    Prior to landing back at Oslo, the flight attendant gives the viewers a brief presentation on his role as part of the flight crew which was enlightening. After landing in Oslo, we quickly change crew/aircraft in preparation for more round trip flights to Germany and Italy.


    The main highlights of these flights were the thorough briefings and performance calculations using the EFB. In addition to these presentations, there were many opportunities to observe the stunning scenery while flying around Europe. While returning to Oslo from Italy, viewers are given an opportunity to learn more about the 737-800 cockpit and its systems with a brief cockpit overview.

    The final highlight of this video features the B737-300. This is perhaps the last time Just Planes will be filming this aircraft since it is scheduled to slowly exit service with the airline very soon. While onboard the 737-300 we join the crew on flights to Stockholm from Oslo.


    The pilots were very engaging and there were many opportunities to learn the differences between the 300 and 800 series. While the 300 series is much older and less economical, the captain describes the aircraft as a fun airplane to fly.

    Bringing this video to a close, we ride in the cabin of the 737-800 series with an over the wing view from Oslo to Cologne. This flight was a fitting end to this video as it showcased a peaceful view of the sun as we made our way to Germany.


    In conclusion, this video is perhaps one of the best 737 videos available. It features interesting destinations, an engaging flight crew and stunning views from the cockpit and cabin. If you are a fan of the 737 then this is definitely a video worth viewing. The run time is approximately 270 minutes but I can assure you that it will be 270 minutes of pure entertainment. 




    Additional Information


    What I Like About the DVD

    • Great scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircraft
    • HD and widescreen format
    • Fantastic Airline and Flight Crew.

    What I Don’t Like About the DVD

    • Nothing
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